the papercraft lab

The Papercraft Lab has been reinvented as a luxury notebook shop in 2017. It's a mother-daughter collaboration based in Seattle, WA that came out of a chance notebook purchase in a bookstore in Oslo, Norway. These exquisite German-made nuuna notebooks were very hard to find in the United States until now! 

Photo by Kristi Lloyd Photography, 2016

Photo by Kristi Lloyd Photography, 2016

this is us

Hi!  We're Anandi and Trillian, the mother and daughter running The Papercraft Lab.  We thought we'd tell you a little about ourselves.  

Anandi says:

I'm a geek. In college (Caltech) and graduate school (University of Washington) I got to play with molecules and cells. After deciding the full-time research scientist life was not for me, I became a software consultant and project manager. I loved my job, but something was missing. 

On a trip to Ashland, OR in 2006, I wandered into a bead shop not realizing my life was about to change. I fell in love with a string of aqua Czech glass beads and taught myself how to make a necklace. I made more jewelry than I could wear. I got better at it, and made gifts for other people. I got better at it and opened a successful shop on Etsy.  

My foray into papercrafting started with a simple banner for my daughter's first birthday. I had always admired the patterned paper and stickers at craft stores but never let myself buy them. I started scrapbooking in 2011 to preserve our memories of special events and everyday life. The Papercraft Lab started in 2013 as a custom scrapbook and photobook design service.

In 2015, I discovered "creative planning" and Bullet Journaling. I had no idea there were people like me out in the world - those who loved crisp new office supplies, writing in a brand new notebook, obsessing about paper quality and finding the perfect pen, all while trying to be productive at work and at home. On a trip to Scandinavia in 2016, I bought a nuuna notebook as a souvenir, not realizing that a few months later, I'd be selling them :) Here we are, and here you are! I hope you find something in the Shop that you love.

Trillian says:

Hello! My name is Trillian and I'm 7 years old. I LOVE to read. I also like to do art and fun math. Moana and Hidden Figures are my favorite movies.  Y me puedo hablar en español!

publications and media

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