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Saving holiday photo cards - a quick project

AnandiRC3 Comments

I'm going to switch gears and show you a quick project I made. Most of my friends send out those super-cute holiday cards with photos of their kids and happy families and I was sad about tossing them out at the end of the season.

I saw a cute idea floating around on Facebook a few years ago - stack up the cards, punch holes in them, and put them on big metal book rings from an office supply store. Easy-peasy, right?

Taking that a step further, I used my handy-dandy Zutter wire binding tool to make a little book of the cards we received in 2012. 

I love recycling (after all, I've lived in Seattle nearly 14 years!), so I made the book covers using the large sheets of cardboard you get when ordering stamps by mail. I found some glittery Christmas ornament paper in my sizable collection and covered the cardboard. 

I used plain cardstock for the inside covers so they wouldn't compete with the colorful cards, cut out a Christmas tree on my super-awesome Silhouette Cameo die-cutting machine and decorated it with ink and washi tape.

Next I stacked all the cards in the correct orientation, roughly from smallest to largest, and punched holes in the covers and all of the cards. I added a blank decorated page for me to write on and a clear acrylic sheet with our tiny double-sided birth announcement for our new BabyM which I sent out in our holiday cards.  I had extras so I figured it would be fun to include one here! 

Finally, I used the tool to bind the covers and pages together.  The whole thing took no more than an hour, and most of that time was spent arranging the cards in size order.

This little book lives on a shelf in our living room and my 3 year old daughter likes to flip through it to see her friends and ask me about the kids of faraway friends who she's never met. It's a great way to talk to her about our friends and family and how we're part of a larger community of people who know about her but may not have met her yet.

Pretty sweet for an hour's worth of crafty fun, right?

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