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A Week in the Life - Wednesday, Early!


After my epiphany yesterday, I'm better prepared to write my daily post early even though it's not comprehensive.  

We took T to school and spent a bunch of time in traffic on the way back (grumble, grumble). My mom came to watch BabyM while TJ and I tackled the super-exciting job of choosing flooring for our home addition.  We found some options we liked, so I'm relieved.  Then T and my mom went on a special grandma-granddaughter "date" to see the Pixar movie Planes.  This was T's second time and she was very excited about it.

T requested an "art project" when she got home, and I was tired and still sick and initially said no. And then I kicked myself. How many more times is she going to ask me to set up a project for her in the kitchen?  Lots, to be sure, but a finite number. And encouraging her creativity is one of my parenting core values. 

So I got out some black construction paper, oil pastels, and foam letter stickers and she went to town creating her own version of a tic tac toe game, drawing bags of blueberries, and an outline of the United States. 

It was way too hot to cook (91 degrees!) so we ended our day with a girls' dinner at Sushi Me, our favorite conveyor belt sushi restaurant. This was BabyM's first time eating anything of consequence there, and I realized that she's now the same age T was when I first started taking her there.  So in a few years, Baby M will become a sushi expert like her big sister.  And I have photographic proof. 

A Week in the Life, Wednesday Sept 12

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