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A Week in the Life - Saturday & Sunday Smashed Together

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So, you may have noticed there was no Friday post, right?  I woke up on Friday, saw my daily journaling sheets and groaned. A Week in the Life was starting to become a chore. I could see it coming, but tried valiantly to muscle through the week. So on Friday I gave myself permission NOT to write things down. I snapped a few shots of the girls enjoying fries at Fatburger (mmm, Fatburger) and called it a day.  

Our weekend was packed to the rafters with my Schoolhouse Craft Fall Conference for creative entrepreneurs, a family photo session with Kristi Lloyd Photography, and TJ's much anticipated Seahawks-49ers football game. But I did manage to capture the essence of my weekend in about 8 photos:

A week in the life. Sept 14 and 15, 2013

My parents were the glue that held this weekend together - they babysat on Saturday morning and took T to her dance class so TJ could get some errands and work done, and came back again on Sunday evening while TJ was at the game and I was still at the conference.  In addition, they got all dressed up to join us for family photos on Sunday morning and helped us dress the girls in their traditional Indian outfits for a few of the shots.

My Week in the Life project will look incomplete to some, because it's missing Friday and the hour by hour summary of the entire week.  But for me, this project opened my eyes to documenting more of our day-to-day "stuff".  It doesn't have to be perfect.

Just doing a little is a gift to Future Us.  

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