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Scaling an Artisan Business

About the LabAnandiRC3 Comments

I'm very methodical, so when I undertake a new project, I tend to do it "by the book" and in a specific order. Starting this business was no different. The first thing I did was write a business plan, something I had never done. 

One of my concerns was how to scale the business. I only have so many hours in a day, and can only make a certain number of custom scrapbooks per month given my other life responsibilities.

Custom scrapbooks and photo books made by The Papercraft Lab

I asked three trusted friends to review my business plan and two of them gave me specific suggestions on how this business could grow.  One of my reviewers was the time management author Laura Vanderkam, and she ended up writing an article for Fast Company with several helpful suggestions on how an artisan business can scale.

In addition to the great advice in the article, The Papercraft Lab is prominently mentioned, so I'm super-excited about that! Just another little bit of encouragement to get me closer to launching this little venture out into the world.  If you're interested in following along, please add yourself to my mailing list.

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