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Baby Scrapbook Layout & Wasting Space

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Even though I loved the idea of documenting our lives through words and pictures, I held off on making "traditional" scrapbook layout pages for a long time. First I used my personal blog for documentation, then I got into Project Life, which uses divided pages to capture regular snippets of everyday life. 

But regular one-page layouts of any size seemed too "scary" for me - all that blank space to fill up. Given my love for paper crafting supplies, and a supportive group of scrapbooking friends both online and in person, I finally took the plunge. And I love it.  

One of the things I had to get over was the idea of "wasting space". What pleases my eye is a lot of white space on a layout. (Not necessarily white, per se, but empty space.) I love simple, graphic designs that let the photo and words shine.

That simplicity comes from not cramming too much "stuff" on the page - going light on the papers, products and photos. I couldn't wrap my head around the idea of only putting *one* photo on a page, especially when I had a few good ones of the same thing. It felt like I was wasting all this available space and not showing all the photos I had of that event.

Also, if I scrap one photo at a time, and it takes me a few days to make one layout (I'm an incredibly slow, perfectionist scrapper) , I wouldn't have enough crafty time in my lifetime to "do" all my photos.

And then I realized that I don't *have* to scrapbook every photo I take. Some will go into my Project Life album. All go on our family photo sharing website. Many make it into our yearly photo books and calendars. And just a special few will get that "full, artistic" treatment of making it to a scrapbook page.

In fact, I've focused the first few layouts I've been making on my *favorite* photos. None of this chronological stuff and getting "caught up" or "feeling behind". Thanks to professional scrapbook authors Stacy Julian and Cathy Zielske, I've never gotten into the guilt aspect of the hobby. I make pages when I have time and when I feel like it, of photos that move me.

I did this layout for an online class I took this summer called Stashbusters taught by Aly Dosdall, over at Big Picture Classes. It was awesome because the weekly challenges "forced" me to sit down and make something.  (Click each photo for a larger version.)

Everything I used was from a late 2012 (November, maybe?) Studio Calico kit. Oh, how I love their kits - everything is coordinated without being matchy-matchy, and it's nearly always colors and patterns I love.  

When I first saw that lace eyelet trim, I thought it wasn't "me" and figured it would go in my pile of giveaways. But I realized it was a nice border for this page, a little feminine but not too fussy. 

As always, I love sequins and my roller date stamp. I always mark the date of the photo somewhere visible on the layout, and on the back I write my name and the date I created the layout. I harbor no illusions that these will outlive me, but just in case someone wants to know, or I need to remind myself when I'm old, the info is right there! 

I'll share more of my layouts here, so if you like what you see, please consider subscribing to this blog using the links at the upper right! 

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