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Week in the Life 2014: Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

Memory KeepingAnandiRCComment

I know, I'm probably going to run out of song titles very quickly here. But I'm having fun now.

So, as predicted, my participation kind of fizzled on Tuesday. I took FAR fewer photos yesterday than I did on Monday, only about 40 compared to the previous day's 150+. But 40 is still WAY more than I'd take on a normal day.

I had to take both girls to T's soccer class because TJ was at work downtown. I forgot how tricky it is to keep M off the field and actually pay attention to what T was doing. Not to mention gently reminding T that she should be chasing after the ball, not holding hands with her friend or randomly milling about on the field far away from the action. (She comes by it honestly, though - I was never into soccer either.)

Again, I love the idea of reflecting on the day and writing things down. T even wanted to read what I wrote - and I was surprised that she could read my messy half-cursive, half-printing handwriting. But it was so neat to see her poring over my notes for the day.

I really need to use my new Photoshop skills to make a better watermark for my photos, but at 10pm last night I just wanted to be done so I'm using the one I created in Lightroom. It does the job, but I'll try for a prettier one soon :)

My other goal for photos is to capture some of the GORGEOUS fall colors along the way to T's school. Unfortunately we have only one car today, so I'll have to try tomorrow and hope the wind doesn't blow all the remaining orange leaves off the trees. I also wouldn't mind going over to the Microsoft campus for some photos, too - they have some amazing trees there.

I'm still excited to continue, so yay!  

Linking up with Ali Edwards again today. Thanks to everyone out there for the encouragement and inspiration.

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