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Week in the Life 2014: Thursday

Memory KeepingAnandiRCComment

I had a dip in energy yesterday - took fewer pictures, puttered around aimlessly a bit, and generally just tried to keep M happy while she's still home with her virus. We did go on a trip to Target and she was confined to the cart. 

No great lessons learned, except that I really do need to make myself a list in order to be productive, and that I shouldn't eat crap and chips for lunch because I won't make it through the afternoon without needing a Big Fat Nap. Which is hard to do with a squirrelly 2-year-old in the mix.

I did not fulfill my daily goal of getting a photo of everyone in the family. I don't have one of TJ because he was downtown at work today, and when he came home after a ridiculously long commute, the last thing he wanted was to be photographed. (Can't say I blame him!) He did grab a shot of me loading the dishwasher, so 3 out of 4 people is pretty good. I have three more days to meet this goal.

I still haven't gotten the fall tree photos I wanted as the weather isn't cooperating. I'm afraid the leaves are all going to fall off before I get to it, so it has to be today!

And of course, I'll have all those cute Halloween photos. Hopefully I can convince M to wear the ladybug "costume" she picked out last weekend at Target (headband and a tail, maybe a tutu if we're lucky.)

Linked up with Ali Edwards. Happy Halloween everyone!

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