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Week in the Life 2014: Wednesday

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And there it is. I can't come up with a song for Wednesday. But I'm still doing Week in the Life! Got up to a more respectable 80 or so photos yesterday, though I am being pretty ruthless about deleting the mediocre ones.

Yesterday's highlight for me was learning the Thriller dance at my weekly group workout class. It was crazy fun, even though I'm horribly uncoordinated. I haven't had that much fun at a workout in ages. Even better, our instructor told us we could come back and do it again in another one of the classes she's teaching this week, so I signed up for 7am tomorrow like a crazy person.

One other moment I wish I had caught on camera was a snuggle that M and I had yesterday after I told her not to touch something in my craft room. I spoke sharply to her because the item was unsafe, and a split-second later, I realized it had been a little too much. 

Despite her tenacious (a nicer word for stubborn?) personality and strong desire to get what she wants, I'm finding out just over this past couple of weeks that 2-year-old M can be pretty sensitive to criticism, even when delivered in a "regular" tone of voice. 

So I apologized and scooped her up for a snuggle in the comfy chair while explaining that I needed to keep her safe. We had a good long hug and cuddle, and it was so nice (and rare!) to sit quietly together. 

Writing down these little interactions and frustrations also makes me more reflective of how I might do better next time, which is pretty awesome too.

What have you learned from this project, if you're doing it?

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