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Five Easy Fall Photos You Can Take


I love capturing my life in photos, and I take hundreds each month with my phone, my DSLR and even my point-and-shoot camera. But not everyone has the time or inclination to take so many photos and then deal with sorting through them

In this post I share five photos you can take with any camera to capture the essence of your autumn season. (Apologies to those in the Southern Hemisphere - you'll just have to save this list for later!)

You don't need a lot of photos to tell a good story. These photo ideas can be used for yourself, your partner, your kids, or maybe even your beloved pup. If you get inspired, you could take one for each of those important people in your life!

At the end of the post I've included a convenient downloadable file to save to your phone or computer, or print it out small to keep in your bag.

Five Photos to Take This Fall

  1. Pumpkins - Nothing says October like pumpkins. Every other post on Facebook or Instagram is full of kids and pumpkins. But you don't need to go find a pumpkin patch to get a great photo. A scrapbook client of mine got some *excellent* family photos in front of a local garden store that had pumpkins outside for sale. Looking at the photos, I assumed she had made a family outing to a pumpkin farm, but in reality it was much easier than that!
  2. Leaves - Typical fall, right? But you don't need to find the *perfect* tree-lined street in just the right shades of red and gold. (Though if you want to, go for it!) Just one tree that you pass by in your daily life will do.  Here in Seattle with tons of evergreen trees, we don't have a lot of "typical fall" scenes, but there are a few trees where I work that are lovely. Even easier, I love photos of the ground covered in fallen leaves. Bonus points if you include your shoes in the shot! Every little bit tells a story.

  3. A Warm Drink - Is there a drink you or a family members loves when the weather gets a little colder? Do you have a family hot chocolate tradition or a cup of tea in the morning? Do you wait all year for the ubiquitous Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL for those in the know) at Starbucks? Take a quick pic with your phone.

  4. A Cozy Sweater - My Instagram feed is blanketed with photos of people wearing comfy sweaters or people knitting things. Do you have a favorite? My older daughter had this super cute European orange owl sweater we bought at a consignment shop when she was two and this fall my younger daughter will get to wear it too. This time I'll remember to get a photo!
  5. The Front of Your Home - How often do you take a photo of the front of your house or apartment building? Probably not very often, right? But every season that view changes, whether it's the foliage around it, the lighting, what's parked in front, or just plain weathering and aging. Grab a quick shot of this every season and you'll have a pretty cool story over time!
Click to download this to your PC or phone. Photo (c) Anandi Raman Creath,,

Click to download this to your PC or phone. Photo (c) Anandi Raman Creath,,

Here's the downloadable JPG file. It's just a photo, so you can save it with your phone or PC and refer to it quickly when you're out and about.

With just five photos snapped quickly on your phone, you can capture the essence of your autumn season!

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