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Fall Capsule Wardrobe - Hold This Thread As I Walk Away (Sweaters)

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Today I'm sharing the sweaters and cardigans in my Fall/Winter capsule. And I actually have a few photos of me wearing the items, rather than the skinny models.  Or maybe you'd rather see the skinny models?

I've got 20 tops in this capsule, which is exactly half of my 40 items total. 6 of those 20 are layering pieces - cardigans or jackets. It's been working really well for this fall in Seattle, which started out really warm and is now still not yet terribly cold. 

Our weather dictates layering most of the year, except right in the middle of summer - it usually starts out cold in the mornings but warms up nicely by late afternoon. To that end, most of my tops are layer-able.  (Is that a word?)

I bought this adorable spotted sweater from Nordstrom last year, so I'd have more things to wear to nice dinners out. For some reason, I love it, but never reach for it in my closet. It's a very delicate thin knit cardigan, so it seems "too nice" for my day-to-day adventures, but the fun print makes it seem more casual so I don't reach for it on dress-up occasions either.

I chose it for this capsule specifically so I'd wear it more. So far I haven't, and that needs to change. I think the print puts this more into a "casual everyday" sort of category for me, so I just have to push past my reluctance about it being "too nice" and delicate.

I need to put the bag down.

I need to put the bag down.

One of my surprises this season was a dark gray open-front Grace cardigan that I bought at Marshalls a few years ago. I didn't have a specific "purpose" for it, so it sat with my sweaters and went mostly unworn.

When I was trying stuff on for this capsule, I realized it still fit and looked decent, so I kept it in. In my new minimal closet, I keep reaching for it.  I've worn it as part of at least 3 different outfits already. It's thicker than the spotted cardi, but still a fine knit so it seems more like a jacket than a sweater. And I love charcoal gray.

I need to practice my fashion photo posing, right?

I need to practice my fashion photo posing, right?

My other new favorite is this Style & Co star hoodie I just bought from Macy's for this season. It's a very light-weight french terry that I think was part of their summer collection (July 4th, etc) but I love the pattern and the weight is perfect for layering. The pockets are big enough to hold my phone!

I've been wearing the heck out of it - it's my go-to "mom" outfit when I'm out and about with the girls. I was also pleasantly surprised it's long enough for me to wear with leggings as long as I can layer it with a long tank or tee underneath.

Another old favorite from 2010 is a cotton cable-knit button-up sweater cardigan from Eddie Bauer in a gorgeous shade of deep green-blue. The closest Pantone color I could find is this Colonial Blue. I have two of these sweaters - the other is a medium grey, which I also love and struggled with whether to include, but ultimately the Grace cardigan won for versatility, because it's a little dressier. But this cardigan is perfect with jeans or cords and will definitely take me through winter - it's a heavier weight and close-fitting. I remember buying these on a shopping trip with coworkers (who were also friends), so they come with good memories, too! Funny how that works with clothes.

This baby is five years old now, which makes the sweater four years old.

This baby is five years old now, which makes the sweater four years old.

The next sweater, a bright purple Style & co. short-sleeved tunic from Macy's in 2010, almost got sent to Goodwill last year. I felt like maybe it had run its course as a trendy item, but I loved it so I deferred the decision and kept it in the closet (what's one more item in a pile of crap, right?).

I'm glad I did because this year I am LOVING that shade of reddish-purple, *and* I saw the same exact sweater at Macy's this season, but in different colors that I didn't love as much. What's even more remarkable is that my best friend from high school, who lives across the country has this same exact one, and we shopped for it independently! I guess that's how we know we must be BFFs, right?

The last one was (sort of) an impulse purchase. It's a jacket with elaborate "cutwork" from Chico's, which I affectionately refer to as the "old lady store". Most of their clothing is just way too "rich resort wear" but I found out their microfiber tank tops fit me perfectly, and while I was buying two, I saw this amazing jacket. I love that it's soft and drape-y, and the cut-out pattern is incredible. It's some kind of crazy microfiber fabric that feels like suede- very luxurious. (And I live in fear of the time I will inevitably spill something on it.)  It's a very pale warm grey, so it even fit in my color palette.

And then I saw the price - $168, which was way more than I was willing to spend for a jacket I didn't really "need". Internet to the rescue - I found a coupon for Chico's for 50% off one item (yay!) and amazingly, the store just scanned it straight from my phone and that baby was mine. I wore it to our family photo session, so we'll see how it turns out.

I am embarrassed to say that thanks to my friend A, who turned me on to this whole Capsule Wardrobe business, I even have a spreadsheet that lists each item. I thought about tracking how many times I wore each thing, but that quickly became annoying.

I know already what my favorites are.

But it is nice to have a list of exactly what's in my capsule, and I tracked how much I spent on clothes and shoes. More than I expected, but reasonable considering how much I had to buy new.

I love this approach to fashion and I am actually excited to get dressed each day. It's been YEARS since that was true. Yay Capsule Wardrobe!

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