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Week in the Life 2014: Friday I'm in Love

Memory KeepingAnandiRCComment

Yesterday was Halloween so there are the predictable cute-kids-in-costumes photos, but overall it was a disappointing day for photography. Despite my 3 days of complaining about the indoor shots my 40mm "pancake" lens took, I kept it on the DSLR and got predictably bad results when my parents came over to see the girls in their costumes, and for the actual trick-or-treating sendoff.

Seriously - not one great photo of both girls together in their costumes, and the shots with my parents were all dark or unevenly lit. Sigh.

I finally wised up and put my Tamron 28-75 lens back on today, and of course, got better indoor pictures automatically. But that thing is HUGE so there's definitely a trade-off.

This weekend I'm going to start planning out the album. I'm debating whether to make one just like the ones I make for my clients, because the number of photos is just about perfect for that size album. It's a nice size for the girls to hold and look through it, and the page protectors keep it from being too "delicate" like some mini-albums are. 

I'll use the album from the lovely WITL kit I bought for a holiday mini-book instead. The more I think about this, the more I like that idea.

Here's to better photos this weekend!

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