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Inspired by my friend Allison, I'm planning to do these posts each month. I like the fact that it's a snapshot of what's going on and having a standard "template" for it makes it pretty easy to write and keep up with it. And you know I'm all about making memory documentation easier!


We just came home from an epic road trip to Southern California. Lots of music in the car, mostly to keep the small people in the back happy: Frozen soundtrack in English and Spanish, most of Caspar Babypants' entire catalog and Whistlefritz Spanish kids' music. Snuck in a few of my own favorites, too - Bastille, Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong, Imagine Dragons, The Lone Bellow. 


Just finished The Moonlight Palace by Liz Rosenberg, set in 1920s Singapore. Gorgeous writing and characters, but way too short. Devoured The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. It was so good it'll get its own post. I adore this book for its fresh perspective and interesting new ideas.


Top three meals of our trip: lunch at McMenamins in Roseburg OR, breakfast at Steakhouse 55 in the Disneyland Hotel and dinner at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ right in Disneyland. Disney food was better than I expected, but eating out for 2 weeks was a bit much even for me.

Working On

So many things! Preparing for my upcoming Photo Organization Project, starting January 1. Getting our holiday cards made and sent out. Finding a Christmas tree (a real one this year!) and decorating it. Making cookies with the girls.

December 2014, Disneyland


Disney magic. We had a great family vacation and I'm anxious to go through the hundreds of photos we got at the parks and on the road. It really is (one of the) Happiest Places on Earth! 


Goals for next year. I've got my one word theme picked out and will write about it soon. I'm waiting anxiously for my awesome Passion Planner to get here so I can get everything down on paper. Possibly increasing my software consulting hours - a new opportunity presented itself (I love it when that happens!) and I'm trying to figure out how that fits into the life I want.

What about you?

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