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Unrealistic Expectations

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Today was my first day of work at my new software consulting gig. It was unlike every other "first day".

I didn't have to go into an office, get photographed for an ID badge or meet my new coworkers at lunch. My entire work day consisted of a mid-day phone call with my new manager who lives 2 time zones away.

I ended up taking the call from our kitchen because there was someone setting up our new air conditioner and the furnace lives in my craft room/home office.  I spent over 90 minutes hearing about the history and current state of the projects I'll be working on. It was an easy, interesting, fun conversation, and the time flew by. I could get used to this!

Sometimes you just need to be outside and focus on your feet.

Sometimes you just need to be outside and focus on your feet.

But that's not what I'm writing about today. This morning I went for a walk, during which I felt a need to hurry home to "get stuff done" before my phone meeting.

As tempted as I was to cut my walk short and head home, I took stock of what I had accomplished this morning:

  • Packed my daughter's lunch
  • Ate my own breakfast (a rarity!)
  • Unloaded, reloaded and ran the dishwasher
  • Did a load of laundry
  • Boiled 8 eggs for the coming week's snacks
  • Dropped both girls off at school on time
  • Downloaded a set of client photos for The Papercraft Lab
  • Got dressed in workout clothes and actually made it out for exercise
  • Checked email and confirmed my meeting time

That's a lot of stuff, right? How could I possibly be "behind" by 9:45am?

I thought about my priorities: family, craft, home, work, and self-care (dingdingding!). Wasn't attending to my health one of my significant priorities, over a clear Inbox or more filing?

This particularly awesome lyric from Bastille's The Weight of Living Pt. 2 came on while I was pondering these things:

All that you desired when you were a child was to be old,

now that you are here suddenly you fear you've lost control.

Do you like the person you've become?


So I kept walking, knowing THAT was what was most important to me right then.  I walked for 45 minutes today under a perfect blue sky, alone with my thoughts and my music. I even ran a teeny, tiny, bit.  Today was a good day.

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