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Holiday Scrapbook Layout - Our Low-Key Easter

Memory KeepingAnandiRCComment

When I was growing up my family didn't celebrate Easter beyond coloring eggs occasionally. Maybe rightfully so, as we aren't Christian, so it seems like "someone else's holiday" to me.  

Now that I have kids and secular celebrations of Easter are everywhere, it doesn't feel right to skip it. Even my daughter's preschool, which does an excellent job of NOT going overboard with holidays, had an Easter egg hunt for them and a week's worth of bunny-themed crafts.

Plus, I love holidays and spring is a special time in Seattle - a glimmer of hope during the 9 months of grey, drizzly days.

So the girls and I dyed hardboiled eggs, and I got to experiment with using gel food color instead of those Paas kits we always buy. It worked pretty well, especially after the eggs dried.

After we finished the eggs (surprisingly quickly!), the colored water was too fun to toss, so I gave the girls some eye-droppers and coffee filters to play around with mixing colors. They had a blast, and I've read that using an eye-dropper is a great way to practice small motor skills, so it was even educational!  (And bought us parents an extra 15 minutes or so of peaceful sister play.)

I created this layout as part of an online scrapbooking class I'm taking, but it's a story I wanted to tell anyway. I am glad I remembered to photograph the finished eggs and got a quick shot of the girls having fun with the dye - both of these photos were taken with my phone camera.

For the title, I used a very cool technique I learned about from my friend Allison - cutting the same word out several times on my awesome Silhouette Cameo machine, and then gluing them all together.  It came out nice and thick, so it adds depth and some texture to the page.  Kind of like making custom Thickers letter stickers, in any pattern and font I could imagine!

I love taking classes because they give me concrete "assignments" to work on, which gets me over the "blank page" anxiety I get when starting a layout from scratch.  I'm looking forward to the next four weeks, and I'll be sharing some of my other work here, so I hope you'll return!

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