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Volunteer Photography Gig Ending


BabyM and I have been attending a weekly toddler group at Bellevue College since September, and it ends in 2 weeks. I did this same toddler group with her older sister T. I'm SO sad that it's ending and that I won't get to take another baby to this group.  (No really, we're done.)

This class has made me a better parent to both girls, and every week is such a peaceful, fun experience - an active meditation on being the best parent I can be to my girls.  

There are discussions on nutrition, behavior and development. The instructors are great resources for parenting questions and book recommendations. It's loosely based on RIE concepts, which is as close to a parenting "label" as I get. (It's the way I wanted to parent even before I knew it had a name!)

When I took the class with T, another parent regularly brought her fancy camera to take photos, and the class leaders surprised us at the end with a CD of all the photos.  Some of the ones she took of T were amazing.  (Photos by S. Kuo.)

This year I'm pleased to say I can give something back after taking so much from this class. I took my beloved DSLR camera to the first session hoping to get some photos of BabyM, and one of the instructors asked if I was willing to take photos for the class over the year. I agreed immediately, remembering how precious those photos of T were to me. 

I can't share all of my favorite shots here because the subjects aren't my kids, but here are some of the ones featuring BabyM.

Some of my photos have been printed and hung up in class for the babies to look at and they LOVE seeing familiar faces on the walls.

I'm in no way a professional photographer, but it's so great to see people, even tiny ones, enjoying my work. I hope their parents feel the same way when they get their pictures next week!

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