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Date Challenge Scrapbook Layout: Boys' Shoes

Memory KeepingAnandiRCComment

I was super excited to make more scrapbook pages this weekend, so I finished up both parts of the latest challenge for my class. I did the harder one first, which was the "right brain" challenge from Stacy Julian. We were to choose a recent photo, then scramble the numbers in the date and choose an old photo with the scrambled date, and make a layout connecting the two photos.

Sounds crazy, right?  I had no idea what to do with that. I did end up improvising a little because I couldn't make the dates work, since pre-2009 I rarely took photos unless it was a vacation or an event.  So I ended up choosing a photo from this April and one from April 2011, and (not surprisingly) they were photos of my girls.

The connection between the two besides the obvious (sisters, same age) was that they were both wearing See Kai Run toddler shoes, which are my favorite brand.  And they're both wearing (gasp!) BOYS' shoes.  I hate that little girls' shoes are either Mary Janes, sandals or bulky sneakers. I wanted sturdy leather shoes that would support my girls' feet and keep them dry in our rainy winter. Shoes that would let them play in the mud or sandbox without getting their feet all dirty. Shoes that come in colors other than PINK. I love that these shoes can also be worn with dresses, and are neutral enough to wear with most outfits.

I was on a scrapbooking roll, so I hadn't cleaned up the August 2012 Studio Calico kit I was using so it was still spread out on my desk. I love those colors, so I decided to keep using it. There's something fun about breaking into a brand new set of letter stickers - no stress about whether I'd have enough of the right letter.

This is my first real attempt at layering lots of patterned paper. It's something I love about other peoples' pages but I hadn't done it before so it was a little scary. I couldn't get crazy enough to put things askew, so everything is at a nice right angle. Maybe next time.

I also realized by accident that putting the 8.5x11 sheet on its side gave me more space for the design I was considering. It bothers me a little that people will have to turn the album to the side to look at it (since the binder is oriented for portrait-layout pages), but I guess I can live with that. (This is how scrapbookers take "risks", I guess.  Hah.)

This was another fun challenge, and I can't wait for the next one!

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