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FREE Printable: Summer 2014 Family Fun List


A few years ago, I noticed my friend L would post lists of activities that she wanted to do with her family in the summer or fall. She'd get input from her boys and they'd make the lists together. I couldn't WAIT for T to be old enough to participate, and we started in December 2012 with our Holiday Fun List.

We've continued the tradition, mainly for December and for summers because both the holiday season and the nice weather are so short here in Seattle. We are homebodies and don't like packed schedules, but sometimes we don't take advantage of the cool activities around us. Our weekend days or evenings just lazily roll by. Next thing we know it's Sunday night, everyone's in bed, and we couldn't really remember anything FUN or memorable from the weekend.


Since it's June 1, we made our Family Summer Fun List today.  I have 8 categories and we aimed for 1 -3 things in each one: Make, Art, Read, Eat, Parks, Learn, Play at Home, and Explore.  We included some of the things we didn't get to on our 2013 lists: ride the ferry, eat outside at a local restaurant and finish our 2013 family scrapbook.

We also added two new things T and I want to learn together - how to make a pie from scratch, and how to throw and catch a ball. I've always been awful at sports involving ball-throwing, so if T's going to learn, I want to join her!

Since we started making these lists and posting them prominently on our fridge, we've been a lot more *active* about how we approach our family time, and I love that.  We're still not rushing around to multiple back-to-back activities, but we might schedule *one* fun thing to do on a weekend day instead of lounging about in our PJs *all* day.  (There's still plenty of time to lounge!)

The list makes a great piece of memorabilia for our family scrapbook, too.  It's nice to see what we "accomplished" during the summer, and what things we didn't get to.

I thought you might like to join in and make your own Summer Fun List, so I have a *free* printable for you.  It's a PDF file with lots of blank spaces to fill in your own fun activities.  Click the image below to start the download.

Click our logo to download your blank 2014 Summer Fun List!

Click our logo to download your blank 2014 Summer Fun List!

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Happy Summer and have fun making your list!

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