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College Scrapbook Layout: Fountains of Youth

Memory KeepingAnandiRCComment

I'm excited to share this layout today. It's the first one I did for my Art + Science of Scrapbooking class at Big Picture Classes, and the assignment threw me for a loop when I first heard about it. Stacy Julian instructed us to look for patterned paper in our collection that reminded us of something important and use that as a starting point. 

In other words, don't start with a photo or even a story.  What land of craziness is that?! I looked forlornly at the envelope full of photos I had printed for this class, went over to my ridiculously large stash of paper and flipped through it idly, willing something to happen. I was skeptical.

Surprisingly, it didn't take long! I found a very subtle hexagon-patterned "graph" paper from Studio Calico and it immediately reminded me of the "virus fountain" at Caltech in the courtyard of the Beckman Institute.

But alas, I have no photos of the campus, digital or otherwise. I spent almost 5 years there, and it never occurred to me to take photos of the things I walked by (and loved!) every single day. 

So I had to get resourceful. A quick search on Flickr revealed some *gorgeous* photos of the fountains on campus and I asked the photographers for permission to use them in my layout and post it here.  Fortunately they agreed!

The photos of the two Beckman Institute fountains are by Robert Miller, and the lovely black and white photo of the "Whirling Blades of Death" aka the Millikan fountain is from a fellow Caltech alum Faria on Flickr.  (On a side note, it was awesome to find that another female Techer took that photo - there aren't many of us!)

I am so grateful that they let me use their photos to capture some memories of one of my favorite places on Earth (and let me share them with you too.)

Since this layout is about Caltech, I needed to find embellishments and accents with a "techie" feel - hence the graph printed letters, equation washi tape (my favorite!), and the Freckled Fawn orange banner at the top, a nod to our school color.

When I photograph a layout and review it later, I analyze what I liked and what I'd do differently next time. While I'm working on it, I can't always see the whole thing as a unit so it helps to set it aside. 

This one is a bit "busy" for my taste. I love the multiple photos and extensive journaling (can't help my long-windedness as you can tell from this post!), but all of that fills up the page and doesn't leave as much empty space as I usually prefer.  This would be a huge change to the basic layout, though - there aren't any small tweaks I can make to "fix" it.

This challenging approach (idea first!) opens up a ton of new possibilities for my scrapbooks - I can scrap about places and memories that happened before I got serious about capturing the good stuff on my fancy camera. I can't wait to try it again!

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