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My Monday Project: Washi Tape Scrapbook Layout 8.5x11

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I'm trying to figure out some kind of regular posting schedule here - not daily, but a few times a week with predictable content so I'm not staring at an empty screen trying to figure out what to write. So far it seems like Monday is a good day to share a new crafty project. Two in a row is a streak, right?

The third assignment for my Super Stashbusters online class was to use washi tape by creating a background with repeating strips of different colors. A few people in class used a monochromatic color scheme - mixing different patterns and shades of the same color.

I liked that idea so thought a little more about how I could make it my own. I knew I had a good idea floating around in my brain, and it just needed some time to make itself known. So I gave it a few days to percolate while finishing a client photobook for The Papercraft Lab.

And yesterday I came up with this:

I wanted a twist on the monochromatic idea so I used the *same* washi tape for the entire layout. The sketch had strips of tape diagonally across the whole page, so I decided to change it up to do a half-page in vertical strips. This thin tape from a recent Freckled Fawn OhDeerMe kit was perfect, because it had horizontal gold stripes for a little sparkle. The whole thing looks like an upside down bar graph.

My style is pretty simple, so I needed a lot of empty space on the layout. I don't usually have good ideas for bold titles but I found a set of cork Thickers alphabet letters at Goodwill last week (woot!) and they were perfect. 

I love a good photo collage so I made a 4x6" one with three small photos in Lightroom, two of which I took this weekend specifically to tell the story about how BabyM LOVES Crocs shoes.

She was obsessed with her sister's pair, and I realized that there was a smaller pair waiting in the hand-me-down box.  They are still a bit too big for her, but I knew she'd love her own. She seems to understand she can't wear them to school since they don't stay on very well, but we let her wear them for short trips out and in the backyard.

I scrapbook to capture the little bits of stories we would otherwise forget. Of course I think I'll *always* remember how much M loves her sister's Crocs, but I know in 5 years I won't remember the details. So I've started writing down these little story ideas, and starting with the story instead of the photo.  Because let's face it, I have a million photos of my girls looking cute. Using them to illustrate a good story is my goal for those photos.

I put these layouts into my Project Life album for the year, roughly in order by month.  It makes the album more interesting to look through.  I'm not too worried about reusing some photos, because my point is to capture the story.

I'm also excited because I figured out a way to display the new layouts I've made on the door of the utility closet in my craft room, using Scotch 3M reusable mounting squares. I love having my recent creations out for a while before putting them in an album.

Update: Thanks to blog reader Lisa, I've linked this up to Paper Issues' Mix Tape giveaway!

If you're a crafty sort, how and where do you display your finished items?

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