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My Monday Project: A Glimpse of the Future 12x12 Baby Scrapbook Layout

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Today I'm sharing a layout I made a few months ago for my Art + Science of Scrapbooking class at Big Picture Classes. The assignment was to start with some products that I love rather than photos or the story. This actually isn't too far from how I usually work - I love paper products so there's almost always something new and shiny that I want to use.

Ben Franklin Crafts is the closest thing I've got to a local scrapbook store. Wandering through the aisles can be dangerous, but since I had a Groupon to spend, it was A-OK. Armed with these new items from Basic Grey (stickers, embellishments) and Bo-Bunny (paper), I tackled one of the class challenges.

Out of the hundreds (thousands?) of photos I've taken of my girls, there are two that surprised me when I went through my monthly review and editing. Stopped me in my tracks. Not because they were technically brilliant, but because in each one I felt like I captured a glimpse of what they'd look like grown up.

T's photo was taken at a Caspar Babypants concert at a local synagogue when she was 2.5. She was antsy waiting for the show to start and was NOT amused by my picture-taking. The pouty, "are you kidding me?" look on her face is pure 13-years-old.

The one of M was a fleeting moment. She was about 8 months old, strapped into her stroller at her sister's preschool picnic on a very rainy Seattle afternoon. All the other photos from this event look like regular cute-but-nothing-special baby photos, but in this one she looks completely different. For one moment I got to see her "little girl face". 

This is one of the reasons I keep taking pictures and trying to improve my photography skills. A lot of what I take are "snapshots", but every now and then, I get a little surprise.

It's like the classic dog training method of intermittent rewards - if you give your pup a treat occasionally for following your commands, and then reward them with a "jackpot" infrequently, it works better for training than giving them treats all of the time (or none of the time). 

There are a few things I would have done differently on this layout - some of the colors aren't as cohesive as I would have liked, but I tend to get excited and stick things down with non-removable adhesive and can't remove them unless I want to start over.  The cluster at the top right is just bugging me, so I may go back and see if I can fix it - that ampersand banner and the large sequin just aren't working for me.  I also tried to put some emphasis over the journaling by sticking a clear round circle over the beginning but it looks more like a mistake than a highlight. 

But overall, THIS is exactly the kind of scrapbook page I want to create - one that emphasizes meaningful photos and has enough journaling to tell the story behind them. Kind of ironic for a page that started with the fun papercrafty supplies first!

So, what about you?  Are you a photo-first scrapbooker?  Story-first?  Wine-first?  Do tell.

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