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The Great Remodel: My Craft Room aka Happy Place

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Friends have asked me to post pictures since the Big Remodeling Project of 2013 was completed, and I haven't because I'm horrible at taking photos of rooms that give you a sense of the space. My perfectionist self also wants everything to be clean and clutter free, and with two kids and my slovenly housekeeping, that pretty much never happens.

So without further ado, here are some photos of my Happy Place (also known as the craft room/office):

The space is 13' x 20' and right under our master bedroom and bathroom. For flexibility (and budget!) we decided NOT to have any built-in counters or cabinets so the room is just an open rectangle with lots of electrical outlets and a utility closet which houses our water heater and furnace.

I was thrilled with this design, not just because the room is HUGER than I ever imagined, but because it has sliding glass doors to the girls' playroom. So I can craft inside while they play out there, and I can still see them. In practice I rarely close the doors - both girls are respectful of my space and things.

Not only that, we added a new door to the fenced backyard just outside the craft room so I can also watch the girls when they're playing outside. 

I had narrowed down the wall color to a few shades of corally pink and one bright turquoise that made my heart sing. So that's the one I chose - Benjamin Moore Island Paradise 606. It's very bold. I'm an all-or-nothing girl - I don't like accent walls.

Six months in I still love the color, though if I had to do it again, I'd probably go back to the acid green (Pittsburgh Paints Golden Cricket 210-5) I had in my previous room - it was a little lighter and brighter and changed more with the lighting through the day.

Flooring was a challenge - we wanted to use the same type throughout the downstairs and it was a large enough area that hardwood was not in our budget. After a LOT of research, we found this distressed-looking Armstrong Coastal Living laminate that I LOVE.  And that stuff is seriously durable - the girls have dropped heavy toys on it, I've dropped the occasional pointy tool, and it's just fine.  The distressing makes it much harder to see dirt on it, too!

The furniture is a mish-mash of things we had from previous houses and craft rooms (I've worked in several locations in the house, so I'm happy to be in my "forever space" now.) My main desk is a sturdy utilitarian grey one from Office Depot that used to be TJ's when he lived the bachelor life in Arizona. It's not pretty but it's a great work surface - cleans up easily, is nice and deep and has "holes" to pull electrical cords through.

I've got a VARDE counter unit from IKEA which we used in our rental house for more kitchen space and it is *brilliant* for craft items.  I'm also using two PAX wardrobes for storage, two VIKA-something stainless steel top tables, a BEKVAM step stool for additional seating and to reach things up high, and a small 4-cube EXPEDIT shelf for paper and my albums. So IKEA is well-represented here.

The light fixture is completely for decoration, as the recessed lighting is plenty bright. I bought it from Shades of Light online after coveting the $1000 light fixtures at places like Restoration Hardware.  Shades of Light has cool fixtures for much more reasonable prices and I got some of those "vintage" exposed-element bulbs at Home Depot so it looks appropriately trendy.

I'd like to make a few vinyl phrases to hang above my door - "make something today" is on deck, and I'd also like to make some paper banners for each of the windows.  We've decided not to have window coverings in here, and I love the open, clean look.  

What I'm currently working on is organizing all my stuff so that it's more functional and suits the way I work.  Right now everything looks reasonably good because it's put away, but it's not organized and it takes me forever to find things.

I am so grateful to have this space - it makes me happy just to see it. It's one of the things I missed most (besides my family) while I was in Las Vegas for a week. 

Eventually I'll post about the other huge changes we made to our house.  You can read about our awesome new master bathroom at my old blog. Thanks for reading!

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