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Fall Capsule Wardrobe Update - All The Skirts

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Yes, I'm still crazy excited about my fall capsule wardrobe and instead of doing the Great Switcheroo on October 1, I decided that it's time to start swapping in the fall things now, since it's been 63 and rainy today and the rest of the week looks similar.

I've finally narrowed down my wardrobe to 40 pieces, not including:

  • accessories like jewelry, scarves, gloves and hats
  • new rainboots (because they won't be part of my regular rotation)
  • three tank tops that I will wear only as layers (ie, never by themselves)
  • at-home loungewear (sweats, cheap old comfy shirts that don't leave the house)
  • one formal dress & a cashmere sweater that goes with it

I know, that's a lot of stuff I'm not counting, but the idea for me was to add pieces to my wardrobe with intention that would coordinate well with my existing items, and to avoid random and last-minute desperation shopping. 

Today I figured I'd share the skirts I'll be wearing through the fall.  I love skirts, even though I had to wear the same grey pleated skirt for four years of Catholic high school. I love wearing knee-length skirts with tall boots - it makes me feel tall.

I have four skirts in my Fall Capsule - three of them are "rollovers" from my summer wardrobe (which was not a planned capsule, but very much downsized when I discovered this whole capsule wardrobe business).  


The fourth is brand-new Calvin Klein one from Macy's.  It's a soft cotton jersey black pleated skirt with very thin, informal pleats. (I'm sure there's an official fashion-y name for that kind of pleat.)  I wore it to dinner last week and discovered it's way too big at the waist- it loosens up while I'm wearing it.  So after I wash and dry it, I'm probably going to have to get the waist taken in.  I got this at a pretty good sale price - $24 - so I'm fine to spend another $20 or so getting the waist fixed so it fits correctly.

I've got one true maxi skirt - my beloved grey and white chevron striped one, which is also from Macy's. I love that it has a pattern - most of my clothes are solid colors, so this adds some interest.

It's really long and super comfy, so with some tights and one of my many pairs of boots, I think it'll be great for the next 6 months. (Feel free to ignore the model's top and crazy earrings. Not my style.)  I wore this a lot during the summer, so I'm hoping I won't be thoroughly sick of it after keeping it for fall/winter too.  

After some internal debate (yes #firstworldproblems) I decided to keep my long black skirt in for fall/winter (aka FWinter) as well. It's a basic stretchy cotton skirt, no ironing required, washer/dryer friendly and travels really well.

I'm not super excited about it but I don't *dislike* it either. Since it goes with so many other pieces in my capsule, it would be a shame not to keep it in. I've decided to re-evaluate in 3 months whether I want to keep it in the whole time or swap it out for something in storage.


Last but not least is this cute tiered skirt I bought on a whim from the Hanna Andersson catalog last winter. I love their kids' clothes, but am usually not a fan of their women's clothes, except for their pajamas which are awesome for winter.

But the "Antwerp grey" and cute asymmetric tiers were irresistible, and it fits me well. I also love how this skirt looks with tall brown boots even though I almost always wear grey things with black shoes.

I honestly thought I'd end up with more skirts, but a lot of what's out there is either too short  - I can't pull off those "skater skirts" at 39, or too corporate - like suit separates. I don't do many florals or the bohemian flowy look, so that doesn't leave a whole lot of choices for casual skirts.

But these four are very basic and fit in with my grey/black/white color scheme so they'll be really versatile pieces. Hopefully they'll survive the next six months. It's going to be really interesting to wear the same pieces so many times and try to combine them in new ways. 

So, your turn - skirts - do you wear them? Love them? 

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