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Creath Week 2014 Album Complete!

Memory KeepingAnandiRCComment

I have a tendency to finish 90% of a project and then get distracted by something shiny and new (hello holiday cards!). We went on a long vacation after Thanksgiving, and just before that I had essentially completed my album for the 2014 Week in the Life project I did back in late October/early November. 

The only thing I had left to do was my "final review" - check if any pages needed any extra shiny bits and bobs and if there were any extraneous embellishments to remove. It's an intuitive pass on whether a page looks too busy or too plain, and not something I can quantify - but my project manager self sure likes to try.

I used my new Canon 24mm "pancake" lens and my rarely-used but awesome tripod to photograph the album. I'd like to do a little more experimentation with this lens - I'm reasonably happy with the results, but the camera auto-set the ISO to 3200 even though I was photographing next to a window in the (cloudy) daytime, and the aperture was only f7.1, which I didn't think was THAT small. The photos came out a bit darker than I expected, and kind of grainy, so I may eventually re-do these shots.

But in the interest of not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good (thanks Voltaire for saving me from myself!), I'm posting them anyway.

I used most of the Ali Edwards Week in the Life kit, but not the binder and some embellishments which didn't fit my color scheme. I also used some puffy stickers and overlays from a Freckled Fawn OhDeerMe kit (October, I think?) Since there were more slots to fill up in this album, I pulled several 3x4 cards from my enormous stash of Project Life supplies - mostly from the Sunshine kit and my older Studio Calico kits.

The album itself has 20 double-sided pages, and I still had to carefully choose from the hundreds of photos I took during that week. I am really pleased with it as a completed photography project - there are definitely individual technical things I'd do differently, but overall this is a group of photos I'll cherish.

I've started photographing my finished albums as 2-page spreads because that's how I design them. I'm trying to replicate the experience of looking at an album in person, but it's hard because that tactile element just doesn't come through in 2 dimensional photos. I'm still working on this, especially for my Portfolio. (Any tips are appreciated!)

My girls gave me a bit of an ego boost when they each carefully looked through the whole thing. It's really nice to see them enjoying the albums. I like them to be enjoyed NOW rather than held for posterity.

I also discovered this cool (free!) tool from Microsoft called Sway. It's a way to share content and it has a ton of options to quickly apply designs and styles to get the "look" you're after. I made a simple one with my Week in the Life photos, but it could be a really powerful tool to combine words and photos for a really quick digital layout:

Let me know if you did Week in the Life and have a finished album to share. I'd love to see it!

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