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Getting on that bandwagon


Despite being born in the mid-70s while the Pittsburgh Steelers were in the middle of a huge run of Superbowls, I've never been much of a football fan.

My husband decided in 2006 (after the season started!) that he'd like to buy season tickets for the Seattle Seahawks so he went to the stadium for a tour, picked out some great seats and got them right away. This was inconceivable to me after growing up in a town where season tickets were passed down through families and there was almost no chance you'd get off the waiting list in the same decade you signed up (or maybe even your lifetime).

Did I mention I'm not much of a football fan? I was his "backup" for the second ticket, if he couldn't find a friend who really wanted to go to the game.  I love the experience of going to the game - watching the fans, playing the silly puzzle games on the big screen, eating the typically bad stadium food, seeing our close friends who also have tickets, and doing the annoying little chants and phrases ("And THAT'S another Seahawks FIRST DOWN!").  

But the football itself? Meh.  Too complicated, too many rules and despite having watched tons of games as a dorky marching band member in high school, I STILL can't see the strategy ahead of time.  (Of course, I'm the same way with chess, so maybe my mind just doesn't work that way.)

My great sadness is that for 3 years running I've missed the game that has the Weiner Dog Races at halftime. But I did get to see Macklemore play at halftime last year!

We went to the NFC Championship game last week, wearing our Seahawks shirts and crazy hair color (TJ rocked a half-green/half-blue goatee which got a lot of compliments). All of those excited fans made me sort of nervous - I really wanted the Hawks to win, if only because watching a stadium full of people having their hopes dashed would have been heartbreaking. 

The game got really, really quiet in the 3rd quarter as Seattle was taking quite a beating from Green Bay.  With about 6 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, and Seattle still down,  the people next to us left. The diehard fans behind us were starting to get their things together and thought about leaving as well.

And then it got crazy. A bunch of improbable football stuff happened and the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter and overtime was the most incredible comeback I've ever seen at any sporting event. The crowd went wild and it was an amazing thing to see.  People were actually crying. My entire Facebook stream was about the game (and yes, I know that was probably by design). 

I'm glad I took my camera that day. It was definitely the most fun I've ever had at a game! I'm even looking forward to watching the Super Bowl on TV while wearing my brand new Richard Sherman 25 shirt.  

Who am I??!! 

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