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Looking forward to the Super Bowl this weekend, too!

Looking forward to the Super Bowl this weekend, too!

As part of my New Year's Life Evaluation process, I'm trying to figure out where blogging fits in. I love having a record of the things we did and stuff I made, but time is at a premium these days and something's gotta go. 

But for now, I still love the idea of doing a monthly "Currently" post, and January ends tomorrow, so I'm coming in under the wire!



Not much music this month, for some reason. M still loves listening to Caspar Babypants in the car and I still like it, so we're cool. Lately I've been obsessing about JOHNNYSWIM, a folk-ish married duo from Nashville with unbelievable voices and amazing lyrics. I'm hoping they make it to Seattle this year. My favorite tracks are "Annie" and "You and I".  


In the midst of skimming The 7 Minute Solution, another time management/goal-setting book. I like the worksheets she provides and her planning process makes sense to me, but I'm not sure I'm ready to jump into a big old "system" just yet. I'm also having a hard time getting past how much she talks about faith and God. Once I read this properly, I'll count it for my continuing education credit for my Project Management re-certification.


Ugh, I don't know. Eating out a lot. I did pick up that new consulting project which means I'm working just under 40 hours a week so planning grocery shopping and meals has been a hot mess lately. I may investigate ordering groceries online again. Today we tried the new Homegrown sandwich shop and liked it. Definitely need to get back to proper meal planning and grocery shopping. And I just took a break from this post to use for the first time and have fingers crossed that it'll solve our grocery shopping issues. I'll find out tomorrow!

Working On

Work! Apparently both of my Microsoft projects got busy, so no more lounging about for me. On the bright side, I get paid by the hour. Also starting one client scrapbook this weekend, with 5 more on the horizon. Woot! Also trying to figure out how we manage our new schedule as a family - TJ and I trading off drop off and pick up is working wonderfully.


Work again! I am really enjoying the actual work I'm doing which is a lot of miscellaneous projects and problem solving. I love being a consultant. I get to focus on my work and don't have to worry about "visibility" or writing performance reviews. If I am working at 10pm, I'm getting paid for it directly. 

Also loving how much M is talking and that we can have actual conversations now. Got great feedback from T's teacher about how good she is at expressing her feelings, drawing boundaries with friends, and working out disagreements. I see it at home between sisters, but am glad to see she's doing it when we're not around too.


My purpose. More later. I got my awesome Passion Planner yesterday and it's divine. I'm working on a 90 day goal of "acting healthy" - ie, what habits can I change or acquire to shift myself into better shape, focusing more on the actions than the results. Also contemplating time management, as I always do when things get busy. Trying to figure out where my time should be spent. (Hint: It's not Facebook or Reddit or lurking on scrapbooking forums. It may not be blogging, either.)

There it is.  If I can keep this up for 12 months, I think printing these out would make a nice little mini-album on their own.

Now, your turn :)

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