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Engage & Complete: One Word Out for 2014, One Word In for 2015

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For the past few years I have been picking a one word theme to represent what I want to work on that year.

I picked a good one for 2014 - I had to work on "staying in it" and not checking out in situations that make me uncomfortable or angry. What helped the most, surprisingly, was making myself a sterling silver cuff bracelet with the word stamped on it. I wore it nearly every day and it was an excellent reminder. 

I don't have a huge success story to report, but I will say that having a visual reminder of 'engage' caused me to interact very differently with my kids and husband on several occasions. Typically I would get mad, say something unhelpful, then retreat, but this year I tried to pause and remember what my "ideal" response would be and that ALWAYS worked better.

I also started exercising again in the fall. Not every day, not even most days, but on a regular basis weekly, which is better than I've done in the last six years (!).

I still need to work on "engage", but I also chose a new word for 2015 - COMPLETE. This one is pretty straightforward and something I borrowed from a New Year's Resolution my husband made a few years ago, which was to complete more projects than he started.

I love new projects! That whole phase of rolling up your sleeves, figuring out what you need to do and really sinking your teeth into it is my favorite. I'm pretty good about follow-through as well, but what I'm not good about is that last 10%. I get most of the way through, but quit at the final finishing steps.  Or quit when I need outside help, or I can't see how to proceed because it's hard or I might fail

I have several online classes that I've done 75% or more of the assignments. I tend to sign up for more than I can handle at once, so when the new class starts, I abandon the old one.

Not this year. I'm going to make a list of classes I need to return to and finish them. I am being very judicious about what I sign up for so I can use my time to finish the old ones.

I had my Week in the Life album sitting on my desk for over a month at 95% complete.

I have two baby books that are about 50% done, and my girls are no longer babies. This is the year I finish.

I have a sanded wood dresser for Trillian that I started a YEAR AGO. I need to visit the paint store and get the items I need to clean, prime and paint the darn thing. With this one, it's clearly fear and inexperience holding me back. I have never done this before so I'm not sure it's going to turn out right, and then I'd rather bury my head in the sand than fail. I gotta get over that.

I have my high school "scrapbooks" in sticky photo albums that I am re-doing into a pocket-style scrapbook to better preserve the items and photos and add some more stories. I'm also consolidating 2-4 albums into one so it'll be easy to keep and look through.

It's not a project to complete, because it's ongoing, but I am not going to meet my 40th birthday in June at my current size. I need to make my health a priority.

So yeah, a lot of things to complete that are at the hard stage, or the middle-to-end "non-shiny new" phase. That's a challenge I'm ready for.  Bring it on 2015!

What's your word for the year?

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