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We are in the midst of a lovely fall - it happened so quickly! I have finally put away my summer clothes, and have my "FWinter" wardrobe out. Not exactly capsule, but I am done shopping and since I Capsule Wardrobed/Kon-Mari'd, I still love my clothes.

The Gene Pool at Caltech. I spent a couple of days earlier this month wandering around campus in 90 degree weather taking photos for fun (and scrapbooking!!).

The Gene Pool at Caltech. I spent a couple of days earlier this month wandering around campus in 90 degree weather taking photos for fun (and scrapbooking!!).


For Father's Day I bought TJ the complete boxed set of 7 seasons of The West Wing on DVD. This was a gift I knew he'd appreciate, but that I wanted too :)  We started watching them from the beginning this summer, then stopped for a while.  We picked it back up this week - watching an episode or two in the evenings after the kids are in bed. Almost 15 years later, I can't get over how relevant the show still is- not particularly dated and still great, smart, and funny. If you have any other recos for newer shows that are similarly good, I'd love to hear it! 


 I've read everything on my Kindle, but haven't found anything new I'm excited about. I read all the art and scrapbooking books I got on my last library trip. I haven't started November's Book Club book yet because I'm waiting to see if I'll get off the Holds list at the library.  I pre-ordered Shonda Rhimes' forthcoming book- Year of Yes.  I'm really excited about this. It talks about how she spent a year saying 'yes' to every invitation that came to her, and the changes that resulted.  As a fierce introvert this gives me the willies but I can't wait to read about someone *else* doing something crazy like that.


It is rare that I make something new for dinner that *everyone* likes. I had a serious talk with my girls about not making rude comments about foods I cooked because it is so.damn.disheartening.

This week I tried this Mexican chicken soup recipe I found on Instacart because it looked easy, and O.M.G.  The girls LOVED it. My normally soup-indifferent husband LOVED it. It had the perfect balance of chile flavor without the spiciness, and came together in about half an hour. This is definitely a keeper. The novelty of squeezing your own lime wedge, crumbling tortilla chips and adding avocado slices helped too.  *So* excited to find another recipe I can add to my short but growing list of "regulars".


Dresses!  So many dresses!  I bought 2 Lands End dresses in September - fit and flare, nice enough to wear out to dinner but also casual enough to wear to work. They fit really well. I wanted a chambray tunic to wear with leggings, and after a failed try at Macy's I checked eShakti and they had an adorable trapeze dress, as well as a "buy 2 get one free" sale, plus a coupon for first time customers. So I also picked up a full chambray skirt and a gorgeous retro-inspired dark green jersey dress.  I sent in my measurements and every single one fit perfectly.  I'm hooked!   If you're interested in trying it, here's my referral link and we'll both get a nice discount, plus I think customizing your first order is free :) Totally worth it, and really nice quality.


Where to send T for 1st grade next year. Her current K teacher recommended a school that requires an IQ test so we get to chat with the psychologist next week about the results and possible schools that might be a good fit. The testing was not too stressful because it was done by an acquaintance I met in BabyM's toddler group. We're leaning heavily towards private school but will check out our local school, though I can't get past the fact that our school district has decided art education is not a priority so they just have parent volunteers. Sigh.

Working On

I finally started the elaborate production of painting Meridian's dresser. And by started, I mean - TJ moved the dresser down to the garage, I removed the hardware and the sticky goo all over the top from the Velcro we had used to secure the changing pad on it.  I have a little more cleaning to do, then lightly sanding the whole thing. Then primer, then finally paint, and the sealer on top.  I also have to spray paint the hardware which is a new adventure for me.  Good times. I hope to be done by the end of Thanksgiving weekend!

And that's a wrap! Happy Fall everyone!

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