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My Monday Project: Little Orange Car, A Toddler Scrapbook Layout

Memory KeepingAnandiRCComment

I have been on a scrapbooking binge lately because I want to complete projects and classes I started, but also because once I get down to business and actually create something, I remember how much fun it is!

So I've made three layouts in four days which is no small feat for this slow scrapper. With practice I'm getting faster.

I grabbed the most recent monthly scrapbooking kit I had, from Citrus Twist in January, and serendipitously it matched one of my photos *perfectly*. Two year old M has an obsession with a car that we see often at her big sister's school. She's decided that THIS is the car she will own and drive.

The girl has great taste - it's a bright golden/orangey yellow MINI Cooper with some gold British flag detailing and black stripes. She talks about this car often - where she's going to drive it and who gets to ride with her. I wanted to create a layout for this story because it's exactly the sort of thing we'll forget in 5 years.

This particular kit was very feminine and had LOTS of gold and floral patterns, which I typically don't like, but this kit really worked for me. The products mix and match really well. I supplemented with a few things from my stash - the Heidi Swapp wood veneer word "favorite", the really thin Little B gold-imprinted washi tape (which won't stick to the textured cardstock!  Arghhh!) and some adorable gold polka dot washi from an older Kelly Purkey kit.

Design choices were a little easier because I started with a sketch from my 2013 Stashbusters Anonymous class taught by Aly Dosdall. There were 12 challenges for the class and I did really well with them until the end. I must have either started another class or somehow gotten behind because I got to #10 and quit. So this weekend, I pulled up the lessons and sketches and worked through the last three lessons.

For this particular design, I rotated the sketch 90 degrees and adapted it a bit for an 8.5x11" page, as it was originally created for a 12x12" page. Since the story is such an important part of this, I had to plan for the journaling as  part of the design. I used Microsoft Publisher to format the text and print it directly on the banner.

I do so much better when I have a story I want to tell rather than trying to cast about for something to scrap. To that end I've been capturing quotes and stories as I think of them in Microsoft OneNote (I adore this software SO MUCH, and have been using since it was first released.)

M loved this layout when she saw it and has asked me to read her the "words" (aka the journaling) a few times this weekend. I'm so lucky that this small person appreciates my work!

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