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Currently: Almost-February 2015

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The abrupt ending of February threw me off! So here's my catch-up Currently post for last month.


I've always liked Pandora and have been using their free service since at least 2006. It's perfect when I feel like expanding my horizons to discover new artists. My friend J was telling me at lunch last month how they use the paid service and stream it all over their house via their Sonos devices. The premium subscription is ad-free (which is *awesome*) so I took the plunge. It's been a great replacement for the Sirius/XM subscription I cancelled several years ago. Right now I'm creating an uber-station that has all the music I love - 80s metal, hipster folk-rock, 90s sensitive singer-songwriters. I figure it'll take a long time to get it just right, but I'm having a lot of fun with it.


About halfway through Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. It's been on my list for a while, and it's good. I learned that I would 100%, absolutely, positively HATE going to Harvard Business School based on the characterization in the book.


I've been to Tavern Hall in Bellevue twice in the last couple of weeks and it is really, really good. They make an appetizer pretzel with dipping sauces, and one of them is salted caramel-peanut, and it is UNREAL. And I don't even like caramel. They make their own lemonade. It's my new favorite place, even though it's inconveniently located in the mall.


Maybe I should switch this to 'obsessing'. I absolutely adore my You Are Here series Starbucks mugs from Seattle and Las Vegas and they are my first choices for my morning cup of vanilla cinnamon black tea from Trader Joe's. And then I noticed online that there is a Disneyland one. I tried to forget about it, but realized I HAD to have it. So I bought it on Ebay, along with the one for Disney California Adventure.  (Hey, the set was cheaper than bidding on one individually!)  

I am pleased to say it wasn't a ridiculous amount of money, and while I was browsing on Ebay I snagged a Pittsburgh one, too, for a VERY reasonable price considering I'm not planning a trip there anytime soon. So I am super-excited about my little mug collection, and I am going to stop now. 

Working On

Lots of things, and having a bit of trouble keeping everything straight. Work is busy and fun. I made three scrapbook layouts this weekend (see previous post) so I'm all fired up about making things. I am working on photos for one client's scrapbook, waiting for some additional info from another, and have a third on deck, so that is super cool. 

I'd like to make some small tweaks to my desk in my workspace. I am SO excited about my new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet with its purple keyboard. So light and portable, yet so freakin' powerful! It runs Lightroom and Photoshop Elements like a champ and I bought the docking station so I've been able to hide a lot of the cables away. And I finally got an external (HUGE!) monitor and a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse so for the first time I have no crazy wires crisscrossing my desk and it looks amazing. 

All this new gear is taking up more space, so I need to organize my craft stuff (and my "deal with this eventually" pile) better so I have actual space to work without feeling cluttered.

And finally, I am in the midst of school paperwork for both girls. We are still waiting to see if T got into the Spanish immersion kindergarten program we applied for, and M is going to start preschool in a few months with T's excellent Spanish teacher at the new school she opened. Lots of things to be filled out and checks to write once it's all sorted.


Schedule and task management. I'm now working on just one project instead of splitting time between two so I think it'll be a little easier to focus instead of feeling guilty about how much time each is getting from me. I am still adjusting to this working (almost) full-time thing, though. By the time we put the girls to bed at 7pm, I am SO TIRED.

I've read a couple of articles lately about scheduling tasks based on your energy at different times of the day, so I need to think about how to do that so that I'm not completely wasting those precious evening hours staring blankly at my monitor.

Send a little magic dust from the time management fairy, please! Overall, life is pretty awesome here.

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