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My Monday Project: It Had to Be You Baby Name Layout

Memory KeepingAnandiRCComment

A few weeks ago I was catching up on episodes of The Paperclipping Roundtable, when a guest mentioned that she came across a list of potential names for one of her kids, and that sparked a layout idea for me. 

This time the title came first, and I had a vision of wanting to include a penciled list of the potential names we considered for each girl.

I recently bought Basic Grey's Aurora collection pack, which I adore. It's got great vibrant colors and lots of "science-y" motifs like constellations, star charts and a pattern that looks like molecules, as well as an art deco geometric vibe. It also has purple, which is unusual in my collection and my current favorite color (which I share with 2-year-old M).

But even with all that inspiration, this layout was one of those "Comedy of Errors" ones that just seemed accident-prone from the start. It took me a week to finish it because I *just* could not get it right. Now that it's (really) done, I like it, but it's not a favorite.

Let's start with the things I love. I love the three different star papers with the same pattern in different colors. I love the stripes of paper across the layout, and even convinced myself to put things on a diagonal instead of my usual precise right angles.

But I had the hardest time figuring out how to display the other potential names we considered for the girls. I thought about little tabs, but that didn't work with the supplies I had.

I punched some graph paper with my notebook-edge punch to look like I had torn it out of a notepad, wrote the names with pencil, and tried to layer that next to each photo. It just looked cluttery, and some kind folks at the Paperclipping Forum mentioned that pencil would not last long on a layout. I don't worry about archival quality or preserving my memories for the ages, but I'd like it to last at least until my girls are older, so I ditched that idea.

I found some cute kraft banner stickers from the Target $1 section (I know, probably non-archival!) and liked those the best. But then I tried to add some extra journaling with some larger stickers from that pack and that didn't really work, and of course I had already stuck them on the layout. Removing them resulted in some tearing, so I needed to cover that with something else (aagh!).

I added and removed the girls' middle names under their first names, completely messed up the positioning of the die-cut "you" and my journaling, and had to redo the title strip entirely. I stapled the bottom layers and created a "bubble" that wouldn't lay flat. Tiny Attacher staples are extremely hard to remove.

Everything that could possibly go wrong, did.

But I was determined to finish this damn layout :)

After a late night staring at it, I finished it this morning with a clear mind. I'm coming to realize that I love layering papers, but like a cleaner, simpler style with embellishments and shiny things, so I need to focus on using "less".  I prefer more open space on my layouts, which is hard to do when there are lots of little "blemishes" to cover up.

I added my signature touches - a handwritten "Love, Mama" and today's date using an old-school roller stamp. Done is better than perfect, and T enjoyed reading how she came to be named.

Mission accomplished!

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