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Last night I read Austin Kleon's excellent book, Show Your Work. I picked it up on a whim from the library because I've heard a lot about him. It's an easy, engaging read.

Officially quitting my blog was a relief. With a readership of tens :) it's not like anyone was *expecting* me to blog but it began to feel like an obligation.

I miss having a place to share my projects, thoughts, and document what I'm learning. Facebook and Instagram somewhat fill this void, but they're too fleeting.

So I'm back, I think. I want to write regularly about things I care about. I'm still obsessed with scrapbooking. I've gotten into the "planner craze" which I never thought I'd do. (For the non-stationery-obsessed, it's using an actual paper planner.)

I'm at a crossroads in my career and making some big decisions about how I want to work and spend my time. I just turned 40, so maybe some of this is mid-life-crisis-y. I am tickled PINK (pun intended) about the Rose Gold iPhone 6s that's on its way to me in a few days. My daughters are getting older and more independent so I have enough time to myself, for the first time in 6 years.

So here I am. I'm not trying to sell you anything (more on that later), and I'm not writing for readers, followers, fame or fortune (hah!). I'm writing for myself. I'm going to document all of the things I want to learn: photography, scrapbooking, time management, running, iPhone, parenting, cooking, life. 

Stay tuned, if you want, and thanks for reading this far.

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