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Switching back to iPhone after many Android and Windows years


I was a smartphone early adopter. Back in 2005ish, I shelled out serious cash for a Windows Mobile flip phone that integrated with my Outlook email and calendar, and had a teeny-tiny Internet Explorer web browser. I loved that phone - it was amazing to have my email and calendar "on the go".

I bought into the hype surrounding iPhone and bought one in 2008. I loved that phone, but I did not love the "exclusive" $90/month data plan from AT&T. When I found out I was pregnant with T and we reduced our spending in case job situations changed, I sold that iPhone 8 months later for what I had paid for it.

I replaced it with a $50 non-smartphone that could do email for an additional $6 a month. It met my needs until Microsoft offered employees a *free* Windows phone. I couldn't resist, but was frustrated by the slow camera and lack of apps on that HTC phone.

In 2011 TJ got a free Galaxy Nexus Android phone from work that I commandeered. That was an awesome phone - great, fast camera, tons of apps, big screen. I kept it for almost 3 years until they stopped updating the OS and then traded up (I thought) to the Nexus 5, which worked great until it didn't anymore.

A few months ago, my Nexus 5 started taking random photos when I wasn't using the camera, froze up every now and then and stopped responding to touch. I factory-reset it once and only added back the apps I used regularly. It worked for a while then slowed down/got quirky again.

At that point, I decided I was done with the less-expensive iPhone replacement and started making plans to upgrade to the next released iPhone. I have a super-cheap T-Mobile data plan that I can use with any phone so except for the initial cost of the device, which is like WHOA, it's relatively cheap.

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I stayed up late to pre-order it at midnight on Sept 12, and my pretty new iPhone 6S came last Friday. I love the coppery pink shiny rose gold and have a simple clear case to protect it.

I am *in love* with this phone. Do I say that every time I get a hew gadget? Probably. I love the Touch ID fingerprint recognition because I don't have to type my PIN 50x a day. It even works with the 2-factor authentication app I use for work!

I've replaced Mail and Calendar with Microsoft Outlook and Sunrise. I use SwiftKey instead of the stock keyboard, same as I used on Android. So far, so good.

I'm still tweaking the notification settings - I abhor dings, chirps and chimes unless it's an actual alarm, so I'm turning them off as I catch them.

So far it seems customizable enough for me, though I do hate having everything on the Home screens - I liked Android and Windows' concept of an "App Drawer/List" that isn't always visible. I wish I could delete some of the stock apps (Android doesn't let you do that either), so I just shoved them all in a folder called "Useless" and put it on my last home screen.

I thought I'd miss Home screen "widgets" but not having one for email makes me less focused on checking it. I wish I could get one for the calendar, though the swipe-down Today panel works for this purpose.

Putting my social media apps into a folder and turning off notifications for these entirely also makes me far less likely to be distracted by checking them constantly.

The Podcasts app is heavenly after using Stitcher on Android with its non-functional search that returned 2000 results no matter what term I searched for (sigh). I have found SO MANY new podcasts I want to listen to now! My car now accurately lists the podcast info on-screen, which it never did with my Nexus 5.

This was definitely a luxury purchase for me. I didn't *need* it. But it definitely makes me happy. Other women have their fancy purses and shoes.

I have my shiny new PINK iPhone. SQUEEE.

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