Misplaced Angst

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There is a lot of angst these
days about kids and screens and schools. France has outlawed cell phones
inside of the building. Many schools have strict rules around the use
of laptops and iPads and whatever else. In most places I’ve visited that
do hand out technology, uses by students are narrowed and constrained.

wonder how much of the angst isn’t really about students as it is the
disruption to the way things are supposed to work in school.

aren’t supposed to have easy access to the answers on the test, or have
a connection to experts who have more knowledge and experience than the
adults in the room. They’re not supposed to have a potential audience
of billions, or to be able to learn our curriculum on their own.

Now they do.

rather than ask “How does this change us? How must we adjust?” most
schools take the easier path which is to block, limit, and punish
students when they refuse to be constrained in their learning.

not saying we create a techno free for all in schools where anything
goes. But I am suggesting that both students and schools need to learn
some new dance steps.

need to navigate this new reality together, with our students, as
connected learners, creators, publishers, and problem-solvers. That too
may cause some angst.


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