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I picked up the scrapbook from the post office on Friday, and I absolutely love it. I was in tears by the end. So many wonderful memories put together beautifully. I put it on the bookcase, and I saw D pick it up several times over the weekend and flip through the pictures. And I know my in-laws, who will be visiting this weekend, will love it, too.

Thanks again for all your work on the scrapbook. I will truly treasure it. I hope you continue to create them - we are expecting #2 in November!
— C.M., Madison, WI
I LOVE the scrapbook! The kids loved it, too. I knew you did great work and knew I would love it, but it blew away all expectations! Thank you so much!

I love all the little details. It looks like you had fun making it. Can’t wait to get going on the next book to see how it turns out.
— V.M., Bedford Corners, NY
My mother loved it. You made her cry. I still haven’t seen it myself, but I know they spent hours looking at it. Great job.
— J.P., Boston MA