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Family Scrapbook Layout and Using not Hoarding

Memory KeepingAnandiRCComment

I often talk about my scrapbook supply collection - I love shopping for and organizing all those pretty little things and gorgeous paper. But really, it's meant to be used.  

I am really glad that I don't have "supply use anxiety" where things are "too special" to be used on a project. On the contrary, I'm thrilled when I find something in my stash that's just right, and every time I see the project I am happy to see my favorite supplies on display. 

That was the case for these cute hot pink eyeglass embellishments I found at Freckled Fawn a few months ago. I felt like they were MADE for me, because my daughter T's first pair of glasses was hot pink. Of course I had to buy them. 

And then I wasn't sure how to use them. Her current glasses are red, and the wooden embellishments were a little larger than what I normally use in our Project Life scrapbook.  So they sat in my bowl of pretties, waiting for the right layout.

In the Stashbusters online class I took at BPC this summer, one of the challenges was to use up ribbon. The sketch was just my style - clean and simple, one photo with a bunch of strips of ribbon in parallel stripes below it.

I don't actually have a LOT of ribbon, so I substituted different kinds of embellishments in rows. I love how it turned out, and love that I got to use a lot of shiny things from my stash - those cute pink glasses, October Afternoon brads, Stampin' Up brads that were a screamin' deal on clearance, Freckled Fawn fluorescent enamel dots, lots of washi tape, and some ancient Martha Stewart Crafts adhesive ribbon I bought before I started papercrafting. I have no idea why I bought it, except for that it was pretty and probably on sale.

The photo is one of my all-time favorites. First because it's so rare to get a shot of all four of us, since I'm usually the photographer. Second because we're all sort of coordinating, even though it was a candid shot. And third because it's from the first wedding my girls went to, for our friends Michelle and Trayci.

Sometimes when I've completed a page, I get a nagging feeling that it's not done yet, and have to really analyze it to see what's missing or should be changed. Often a night's sleep will help me see it with fresh eyes in the morning and I can find a solution.

Once it looks "right" to me, I feel a sense of peace and happiness when I look at it.  Luckily this was one of the layouts I got right the first time. I just knew I was done.

What about you, artsy and crafty friends?  Do you know when your project looks "finished"?  

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