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A Week In the Life - Monday

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Ali Edwards does a project called Week In the Life, which is an in-depth view in words and pictures of a whole week.  This requires a fair amount of journaling, remembering to take photos and awareness of what we do with our time.  I love it, because it's a more in-depth photographic version of Laura Vanderkam's time tracking exercise from her book 168 Hours.

I am participating for the first time this year, and I plan to take the photos and journaling and add them to our yearly Project Life scrapbook.   

I'll be honest - despite having this week marked on my calendar, and reminding myself on Sunday, I *still* forgot this was going on until last night. So I have to reconstruct Monday, and didn't take nearly as many photos as I would have liked!  Today (Tuesday) is going much better! 

Since this is a new blog, I should quickly introduce the cast of characters.  T is my almost 4yo daughter, and M is my almost 1yo baby girl. TJ is my fabulous hubby, and Spike and Peanut are my two old pups. 

Monday, A Week In the Life

Monday was a special day - T's official last day of summer vacation before preschool started.   She woke up late, played in her room for a while, and came upstairs dressed and ready to start her day around 9am. TJ went into work late and thankfully let me sleep in a bit while he changed/fed/entertained BabyM.

After breakfast, T watched Peppa Pig in Spanish, while I worked on some administrative stuff for my Etsy shop. When M woke up around 10:30, we went to the super cute New York Cupcakes shop to order birthday cupcakes for T and M's upcoming party.  (Having two girls with birthdays 12 days apart means I can combine parties for as long as they'll let me!)  T chose chocolate with pink strawberry frosting for herself, and vanilla for her sister. And yes, I let her have a cupcake at 10:30am. Morning snack, right?

We met TJ for lunch near his office and tried to keep up with M - she eats everything you put in front of her and gets loud when you're not fast enough.  After lunch was a nap for M and Quiet Time for T, during which time I photographed and wrote up a list of all of the baby items we're trying to sell (go me!).  

After a snack, and the usual "getting ready" milling about by T (she has whole conversations with imaginary people in the bathroom), I packed some food and took the girls to the playground. T had a great time playing with the kids there, M loved watching her and making friends with the big kids, and I got to sit in the waning afternoon sun, counting my blessings for a peaceful, relaxed, and fun summer. We ate our picnic dinner, went home, and I put the girls to bed.

In that lovely quiet space after they went to bed and before TJ came home, I checked references for babysitters, did some research for my job search, and valiantly tried to battle the effects of the 5pm diet Coke I had. I didn't fall asleep until after midnight, unfortunately. But in a stunning turn of events, BabyM slept *all night*!

This is the sort of day I'd forget in a few weeks - nothing really exciting or out of the ordinary happened.  With this project, I'm able to capture the details of our daily life - stuff that seems boring now, but will make me nostalgic when the girls are 16 and 19 and doing their own thing. It's like a gift to the future me.

So hopefully I'll have the time and energy to continue this for the rest of the week. Want to play along?   Grab your camera, and get Ali's Daily Journaling template here.

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