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A Week in the Life - Tuesday, and Imperfection

Memory KeepingAnandiRC8 Comments

Yesterday was a Big Day for us with the start of T's preschool. I took a lot of photos with my DSLR camera.  Which is awesome, but there's the extra step of downloading and processing them. Not feasible if I want to keep up with daily posts here while recording the events of my days. 

I'm a recovering Type A perfectionist. You know, the person who trashes an entire diet on Day 2 because she slipped up and ate a cookie.  "If it can't be done right, why bother?" used to be my motto. But here's the thing - being focused on perfection means I'd only see the few things that were WRONG, rather than noticing all the good.

It's Day 3 of Week in the Life, a "real life" documentation project run by Ali Edwards, and I thought seriously about throwing in the towel this morning, because my notes for Tuesday ended at 5pm when I started feeling sick and took a nap, which turned into the end of my day, thanks to a very helpful husband who took two little girls out to dinner and put them to bed. 

And this morning, in the bustle of our new "getting to school on time" routine, I forgot to track what we were doing each hour, and certainly didn't take any photos.

 I was just about to throw away my half-completed time logs, when I realized, quite literally, that the page was half-full, not half-empty.   *Any* documentation of our days is awesome, even if it's not 100% complete.  I'm not conducting some sort of scientific study here.

I'm capturing little details to file away for later, so I can remember when I'm 60 what it was like being a parent of two kids under four years old.  When I'm 60, I'm not going to lament the fact that I didn't write down exactly what T had for lunch today - I'll be thrilled to remember that she ate the same breakfast she loves: instant oatmeal, a banana and soy milk in a Toy Story alien cup. When I'm 60 and she's 26 (OMG!) maybe she'll indulge me in remembering that 3.9-year-old's favorite menu.

So the rest of this week isn't going to be a comprehensive time use data recording. I'm going to write down what I can, take photos with whatever camera is closest (usually my phone!) and grab a spare moment to "catch up" if I can, and not stress if I can't.  It's all good. 

A Week in the Life, Tuesday, Sept 10.

Tuesday's Highlights: 

  • T's first day of preschool
  • My mom came over in the afternoon to hang out with the girls
  • I had an inspiring chat about work with a new person I "met" through Facebook
  • I got away on my own to eat lunch at my favorite 21+ restaurant
  • An uninterrupted night of sleep

Armed with my new philosophy, I'm eager to continue this project instead of feeling "behind" and like it's another chore on my to-do list.  (I have enough of those, tyvm.)

Tomorrow's post might only have three photos, but that is A-OK. They're three I probably wouldn't have taken otherwise.

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