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Week in the Life 2014: Monday, Monday

Memory KeepingAnandiRCComment

I'm so glad I decided to do this project. I worried about it, probably more than I should have, but it turns out that I'll be happy with whatever I capture as long as I remember to keep going.

I had big plans to wake up before the kids yesterday, but couldn't sleep the night before thanks to a Big Fat Nap I took on Sunday afternoon. So I woke up just after 2-year-old M, and thankfully TJ had gotten the breakfast/lunch packing routine started by the time I made my way downstairs.

I'm not going to write a huge play-by-play about the day here. I chose seven favorite photos to share, out of the 155 I took total.  I'll probably keep around 50 of those, maybe fewer. (Certainly all of them won't go into the album!)

Things I want to capture better - seeing M first thing in the morning and catching a shot of 5 year old T independently getting ready - THAT is an amazing thing. She shows up downstairs, fully dressed, hair and teeth brushed, and ready for breakfast. No intervention needed, except on slow days when she gets stuck talking to herself in the bathroom. 

I found that when I was writing down and photographing our activities, I savored them more. I didn't feel as CrazyStressed as I have been lately, even though my to-do list is just as long.  I made time to just sit with my girls instead of scheming how many things I could get done while they played together.

Which is another way of saying that this project makes me more mindful about our daily activities, as "routine" and "boring" as they seem. I like that. It's nice to spend a week reflecting on the things we do every day and understand why we do them.

The other thing I'm realizing is there's never a "typical" week. Our typical is always atypical. This week we have Halloween festivities, it's the last week my parents are in town, and work is unusually slow for me. Today I found out M has Hand Foot and Mouth Disease - awesome.

But I know I'm going to love the snapshot of the week when I look at it years later. I also know the mini albums I make get a lot of views from people visiting our house because I leave them out and they're easy to handle, rather than my GIANT HEAVY 12x12 Project Life album.  (Though I've found leaving that open on the kitchen bar works nicely too!)

I'm really looking forward to the rest of this week, even if I don't take 100+ photos each day. Tomorrow's job is to remember to keep the camera and Daily Sheets with me in the room I'm working in. (Which will be a little more challenging with a sick-but-not-that-sick 2yo around!)

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