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FREE Printable: 101 Non-Kid-Related Things to Add to Your Project Life Album

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I have a single, child-free crafty friend who claims she doesn't have enough going on in her life to do a Project Life scrapbook. Which is crazy because she travels more in a year than I have in the past five, she's out with friends several times a week and cooks fabulous elaborate meals on a regular basis.

So with her in mind, I sat down for a good old-fashioned brainstorm to keep my creative brain cells humming.  Here are 101 items you can add to your Project Life pages that have absolutely nothing to do with children.  

Morning walk. #gears #whereistand #brooks #shoes via Instagram

You don't need photos for these items - they can just be used as writing prompts to fill an empty slot in a page protector.  You can grab a photo online (with permission of course), scan receipts, or use a related photo you took that might not be from the *actual* event. The Project Life Police will not come and arrest you. 

 I used the word "partner" to mean spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, casual "wink-wink" friend, or your BFF. 

Even if you do have adorable children, these prompts will help add more of *you* to the album. You and your family will enjoy seeing glimpses of popular culture from 2014 when it's 2030!

101 Prompts for Project Life That Aren't About Children or Babies 

 Right now:

    1- What you're reading 
    2- What you're listening to
    3- What TV show you love 
    4- Subscriptions you have (kits, boxes, periodicals)
    5- What you'd spend a spare $100 on
    6- A charity or cause you support
    7- What you like about your partner
  Best/worst for the day/week/month:

    8- Best thing at work
    9- Worst thing at work 
    10- Best life moment 
    11- Worst life moment
    12- Best email you got
    13- Best and worst of your partner's life
 Fun stuff:

    14- A class you're taking
    15- An impromptu pet photo shoot (+props?)
    16- What smell triggers a memory for you?
    17- Extended family news
    18- Upcoming travel plans
    19- Current prices: milk, cereal, an apple, a book
 Who you are:

    20- A strong political view you have
    21- Your guilty pleasure (book, music, magazine, blog, food, etc.)
    22- Faith status update
    23- Health status update 
    24- Mood status update
    25- Your holiday traditions
    26- Who do you miss?
 Places in your life:

    27- Your kitchen
    28- Where you sleep
    29- Your "happy place"
    30- Where you exercise
    31- Where you worship
    32- The front of your home
 Stuff you use:

    33- Your phone
    34- Your computer 
    35- Your camera
    36- Your vehicle/main transportation
 Your daily grind:

    37- A meal you cooked
    38- Your commute
    39- What you got in the mail
    40- What exercise you did 
    41- Grocery receipt
    42- Last thing you ordered online
    43- One of your daily to-do lists
    44- Something you bought this week
    45- Dates you went on
    46- What friends you saw or spoke with
    47- What you made or wrote
    48- Your morning routine
    49- Your bedtime routine
    50- A "typical day" schedule 
    51- An actual log of your time for a day
    52- Your calendar - photo or screenshot

    53- Shopping wish list
    54- Reading list
    55- Dream vacation
    56- Dream dinner guest
    57- Your ideal partner wish list
    58- A class you'd like to take
    59- Celebrity crush
    60- Dream job
    61- One thing you'd like to change 
    62- Places you'd like to visit
    63- Place(s) you'd like to live
    64- A skill you wish you had
    65- Pet you'd like to have
    66- Hypothetical "Best Day Ever" schedule
 Your favorites (right now or EVER):

    67- Author
    68- Outdoor activity
    69- Neighbor
    70- Local attraction
    71- Recipe
    72- Sports to play or watch
    73- Board game
    74- Color
    75- Outfit
    76- Card game
    77- Breakfast
    78- Restaurant
    79- Meal
    80- Holiday
    81- Musician(s)
    82- Dessert
    83- Snack
    84- Photo you've ever taken
    85- Photo of you
    86- Flower or plant
    87- Shoes
    88- Work colleague
    89- Nonfiction book
    90- Fiction book
    91- Quote
    92- App on your phone
    93- Social media site
    94- Play or musical
    95- Concert 
    96- Magazine
    97- Type of exercise
    98- Part of your home
    99- Drive or road trip
    100- Blogs
    101- Vacation

I've also created a FREE printable version of this list for you to download - just click my logo below!

Click the logo to download FREE printable list.

Click the logo to download FREE printable list.

Enjoy, and link your pages in the comments if you use any of these prompts!

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