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Nine Numerical Things about Nine Years

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Photo by Bradley Hanson, 5.7.2005

Photo by Bradley Hanson, 5.7.2005

  • We got married 9 years ago, so we've been married for 3287 days
  • We have known each other for almost 23 years, which is 59% of my life and 53% of TJ's
  • Since we have been together, we have had 12 motorized vehicles (4 and 2-wheeled)
  • We had 32 guests at our wedding, from 2 countries and 10 states
  • I was pregnant for approximately 17 months of that 9 years
  • We raised 140 lbs of dogs and (currently) 75 lbs of little girls
  • We spent 168 (wo)man-months working at Microsoft 
  • We ate 19 dinners at Canlis, including our wedding
  • We traveled to 5 countries (though not always together)

9 years sounds like a really long time, but it doesn't *feel* like that, which I suppose is good. Today we celebrated with lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant Tropea which also catered our post-wedding lunch at our house in 2005.  The owners remembered and gave us free tiramisu!

Life is good.

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