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Photo Tip: An Easy Way to Get a Cool Photo Series

Photography, Memory KeepingAnandiRCComment

When I was a new mother in 2009, Pinterest hadn't yet become A THING, but there were plenty of blogs showing adorable photo series of babies wearing a special numbered onesie or sitting with the same stuffed animal or piece of furniture every month for the first twelve months. I loved the idea but never got it together to take the same photo each month. Life on limited sleep was just too chaotic.

By accident, I figured out a way to get the same effect, though not on such a regimented schedule.

We have a favorite pizza place that is part of a large new apartment complex. Outside the complex is a sculptural representation of the number 160, which is part of the address and property name.

The zero is big enough for toddlers and preschoolers to sit in, so we've gotten a series of photos there since 2012.

Pretty fun, right?  We get pizza at this place at least every other month, so it's the perfect time for a quick photo shoot with my cell phone. Nothing fancy, no special outfits, and no monthly schedule.  Now I've got a series of photos showing my girls growing against a fun backdrop.

So my tip to you is to think about where you go frequently, and find some landmark or cool background to use in a photo. It could be just the kids, your whole family or just a selfie. Snap a quick photo each time you go, and before long you'll have your own cool photo series.

For bonus points, use the same app and filters when editing them on your phone and they'll all look uniform. I use PixlrExpress, though I don't always use the same settings.

So tell me, where are you going to choose for your special photo location?

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