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I Go Out Walking - A Photo Stroll Around Seattle


I've mentioned before that my main photography goal is to get decent everyday photos of my family. I'm not interested in wildlife, landscape or nature photography. I don't read about techniques in my spare time.

I recently purchased a new lens for my DSLR camera, a Tamron 28-75mm which got AMAZING reviews on Amazon. I needed a lens that could zoom for group shots, vacation photos, scrapbook layout photos and other situations where my beloved Canon 50mm f1.8 prime lens can't get the job done.

I've always wanted to go on a "photo stroll" to get some camera practice and inspiration. Since I'm not much of a nature person, I wanted to do this in the city. Today I did just that with my friend J and her friend M. We went down to Pioneer Square in Seattle and ended up at the top of the Smith Tower with its fabulous Chinese Room.

Click here to see the whole gallery on one page.

After all the photos, we had a nice Early Bird Special dinner at the Irish pub adjacent to the Smith Tower lobby.

I was excited to see what I had captured, so as soon as my girls went to bed I sorted through the 266 photos I took. I had a goal of editing them down to 26 of my absolute favorites, but that was too hard, so I settled for 50. (Hard drive space is cheap, right?)

I realized a few things when looking at my keepers- I like photos with a lot of "whitespace" just like on my scrapbook pages. I love bright colors, and I love words. I'm not really inspired by plants, trees or flowers.  (Am I allowed to say that in the Pacific Northwest?)

My favorite part of the whole day was not the $7.50 trip to the Smith Tower observation deck, but the alley we accidentally "found" that had some really cool moving sculptures.

I am really looking forward to going out on another photo stroll with these ladies!

What are your favorite things to photograph, other than your loved ones?

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