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My Monday Project: Outside Play 12x12 Kids Scrapbook Layout

Memory KeepingAnandiRCComment

I started a new online scrapbooking class yesterday called Super Stashbusters - the one for which I'm a guest designer. The idea is to use lots of things we've been hoarding while making 12 layouts plus a few bonus challenges. I may not be able to keep up, thanks to a healthy workload here at The Papercraft Lab, but I'm going to do my best!

The first challenge was to use 3 groups of odd-numbered embellishments and lots of layering. I started with the sketch for the challenge, but made my own adjustments. I've realized I want to create pages with more detailed stories so I need to plan for the space to either write or type when designing the page.

So while the sketch included three main areas for photos, I chose to use two larger square photos and use the third spot for the journaling. I was curious to see how typed text from my awesome IBM Selectric II would look on the embossed white woodgrain cardstock I've been hoarding, and it did not disappoint. I love my typewriter!

My 3 groups of odd-numbered embellishments ended up being some ancient metal star brads that I don't even remember buying, 3 small diagonal staples in each section, and 5 large clear sequins to add a little shine. I'm not sure I've ever used that many sequins on one layout, and I have a stash to last me several lifetimes.

The other modification I made from the sketch was to eliminate some of the layers. I don't want to use "stuff" just to use it - I prefer a cleaner look to my pages. It's taken me a while to get comfortable with that, and find that sweet spot between "too empty" and "just right".  Work in progress.

Since the goal of this class is to use things I've been hoarding, I chose an older piece of paper for the background. It's a slightly distressed-looking acid green stripe pattern from Crate Paper. I used some white letter stickers I've had for a while, and all the other grey and white papers are from my scrap pile.  (Note to self: look in scrap pile first, always!)

I chose a few photos from April of the girls playing outside in our newly accessible back yard. Not only was it a new experience for them, it was a milestone for me to send them outside by themselves.  Our yard is securely fenced and I can see them from inside, so it's really safe and a good way for them to explore a little independence.

And I'll end this overly technical crafty post with a question for the parents out there - what did you find it hard to "let" your kids do in the name of independence?

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