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Five Easy Spring Photos You Can Take


Happy Spring!  (To those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway.) I woke up this morning inspired to post a very short list of photo ideas to capture your season.

Just like I mentioned in my Fall post, you don't need a lot of photos to tell a good story. Most of us remember to take pictures at events - a child's school performance, a party, or a family reunion. But unless you're into photography or scrapbooking, many of us don't remember to photograph those "everyday" things that are part of our daily life landscape.

Here are some ideas for you to do just that.

Five easy photos to take this spring

1. The front of your home - This is an easy one that you can do every season, to witness the changes you probably don't notice when you're rushing in and out each day. Even if you don't have elaborate landscaping (we don't), I bet there are changes easily visible from season to season. My favorite is a plum tree next to our driveway - despite our best efforts to neglect it, every Spring it rewards us with a giant cloud of pink blossoms. That's how I know Spring is here.

2. Someone you love in rain gear - Maybe it's you, or maybe it's your child wearing their beloved rainboots. Or the bright yellow raincoat that reminds you of Paddington Bear.

3. Wardobe change - Depending on where you live, Spring might be that time where you make some significant changes to your daily clothing. Maybe the shorts come out (lucky you!), or maybe you just pull out a few things from storage with more color. Take a selfie and document this.

4. Something blooming - Well, duh. Spring is about flowers, right? Pick something along your daily path - school drop-off, work commute, errands. I bet there's something newly blooming or bright green that you don't usually see.

5. What Easter means to you - Not everyone celebrates Easter, but if you do, what is the most important part for you? Is it the church service, the egg dyeing, or the huge family brunch? Just one thoughtful photo of your favorite tradition will speak volumes.

6. (Bonus!) Rainy - In case you don't celebrate Easter, here's a bonus idea. Capture an element of a rainy day. Maybe it's the tea you make for yourself, or the blanket you snuggle in. Maybe it's your front steps all wet and shiny, or your restless dog who doesn't like to go outside and get wet.  Or it could be your child playing a sport in the rain.

You can take these with any camera - your fancy DSLR or your phone. What matters is that you have that camera with you!

Here's the downloadable JPG file. It's just a photo, so you can save it with your phone and refer to it quickly when you're out and about.

With just five photos snapped quickly on your phone, you can capture the essence of your spring season!

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