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Seven months ago, my daughter Trillian and I took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Scandinavia for 3 weeks. On our second day there, we were browsing in a bookstore in Oslo when I came across a cool-looking notebook with a Douglas Adams quote on it.

I have a weakness for paper products and especially notebooks, so I figured it would be a good (useful) souvenir from our trip.  When I got back home to Seattle and decided to try Bullet Journaling again to tame the avalanche of work and personal stuff I needed to accomplish, I decided to use that new notebook.

And then I fell in love.  The bright white deliciously heavy paper with a small grey dot grid pattern was so much more satisfying to write on than any of the fancy notebooks I had purchased in the past from Moleskine or Leuchtturm.  The cover was a smooth soft leather that was easy to wipe off if it got dirty. The book lays flat right from the beginning (woohoo!).

After using it for a few weeks and realizing I had found THE notebook, I panicked. I only bought one. In Norway. From a bookstore that didn't have an English website, but even with Google Translate I couldn't find "my" notebook on the site.  I did a little research on the small print inside my notebook and found out that it was a brand called nuuna, made in Germany.

But alas, I couldn't find anyone in the US selling these notebooks and shipping from various European online shops was *super* expensive. I continued to use my nuuna notebook through the year - the joy of writing in it made my system "stick" and I was writing things down and getting them done. 

I had an idea. My daughter is now seven and learning basic arithmetic and how to count money. We give her an allowance of $2 per week so she can learn how to manage her money.  Why not SELL these gorgeous notebooks in my online shop so that I could share them with my fellow Americans? And in the process, Trillian could learn about the concepts of running a business.

I already had a business license and a website from my custom scrapbooking business. So we've reinvented The Papercraft Lab as our new nuuna notebook shop.  Think of it as 'Lemonade Stand 2.0'.  

Welcome, and we hope you'll take a look around!  Just click the 'Shop' link at the top of the page to see your new favorite notebook.

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