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Going to California

About the LabAnandiRC

Just a quick post to say we're moving! After 15 years in Seattle, we're off to sunnier skies in California. Moving after 13 years in the same house, during which time we've acquired enough stuff to fill up said house, as well as two kids and all THEIR stuff, is a pretty big endeavor. 

So for now we're closing down the notebook shop. We may reopen once we get settled into our new home near Sacramento, but we're not sure about our plans. In the meantime if you have your heart set on a large nuuna notebook, use the Contact form to send us a message and we may be able to work something out just for you :)

Thanks for all your support since January!  This little Lemonade Stand 2.0 adventure was more successful than we expected, and more importantly, Trillian's math and writing skills have really improved thanks to all of our lovely customers.  Thank you again!!

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