How to Make a Paper Tent

How to Make a Paper Tent

If you are looking for an easy, cheap and quick craft for your kids, you may be wondering how to make a paper tent. Here are a few tips and tricks that will make this craft fun and simple for the whole family. If you don’t have any printer paper, you can purchase them from the dollar store. Once you’ve got the paper, you can fold the bag into a tent shape and tie it up using a thin rope.


You can make a simple paper tent for your child by printing out the craft printable and gluing it to a large sheet of construction or patterned cardstock. Your child can also draw his or her own tent. Simply select a color of construction paper and fold it so that the folded edge is at the top. Then mark the top centre of the triangle. Draw a tent shape and cut the triangle into two sections. The bottom center is used to cut flaps of the tent.


An easy paper tent craft is a great activity for kids of all ages. If you’re stuck on what to create, try creating a picture of your own. Or, you can find one of those magazine cutouts and draw it yourself. Construction paper in any color will work. Fold the top edge in. Make a center mark. Draw a triangle shape. Cut out two triangles. Use the bottom center to cut flaps.


To make a cheap paper tent, you can use popsicle sticks. The sticks can be cut into various shapes, such as circles, squares, or rectangles. Once the sticks have been cut, you can glue them to the paper tent. Let the glue dry. Next, use scrapbook paper to decorate the tent. Once the glue has dried, the paper tent is ready to be painted! Now, you can play the role of the tent fairy!

Using a printer

Using a printer to make a handmade paper tent can be a fun activity for young people. Using a paper tent template, you can make the craft as a group project or an individual gift. Then, you can make as many paper tents as you like! You can use pictures of your children, their favorite places, or just your own imagination. Once you’ve made a few, you can use them to decorate your craft and share them with the world.

Adding dimension

When creating a tent out of paper, you can create a dimensional design by using different paper cuts. When mounting these cut pieces with mounting tape, you can add shadows and depth to the design. For example, you can create a leaf-shaped tent to hold a menu, thank-you notes, and more. To create a multifunctional tent, you can also use chalkboard paper. To add more interest to the design, you can use chalkboard paper.

Using a paper bag

Using a paper bag to make sand castles or tents is a fun and inexpensive plaything for kids. They can be made from just about any paper bag and topped with a small toy or two. You can also choose to decorate the paper tent by adding different patterns or designs. Then, your child can enjoy playing in the tent for hours! Listed below are some easy steps to create your own paper tents.

Adding a teepee

Adding a teepe and a door to a paper tent craft is easy and fun. Kids can design the tent themselves by choosing the colors for the ropes, canvas fabric, and teepee poles. Once the teepee is complete, your child can use the tent as a canvas for other projects. Here are some simple steps to make your craft a unique teepee:

Adding a circus

To make a circus tent, you’ll first need a template. You can get one in black and white or a black & white template that you can color. Circus tents usually come in red and white stripes. The strips that form the roof of the tent are highlighted by dashed lines. The bottom of the tent is made from a small triangle. To make the tent’s top, cut two smaller circles and glue them to the bottom of the template. Then fold each flap of the circus tent into the middle. Glue the edges together along the side tabs and you have a circus tent!

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