How to Wrap Succulents in Craft Paper

How to Wrap Succulents in Craft Paper

Here are a few ways to wrap your succulent. You can use craft paper or even burlap. Choose an easy-care succulent and make the wrapping as easy as possible. For extra flair, you can also use a love in bloom skewer inserted into a paper flower. After you have arranged the succulent in the wrap, you can secure the plant with double-sided tape. You can also use a template to cut out the wrap shape.

Easy-care succulent

When wrapping easy-care succulents, use tissue paper to avoid damaging the plant’s delicate skin. Plastic wrap will retain moisture and may cause the succulents to rot. Wrapping multiple succulents in paper provides additional protection. However, plastic wrap can cover the soil in a plant’s container. Wrapping a succulent in plastic can be dangerous because it can damage other plants in the container. If you have a green thumb, use scissors to cut the plastic wrap.

For a more sophisticated look, use floral tape around the wooden skewer. This will give the succulent a finished look. Once wrapped, place it in a terrarium or vase. Don’t forget the flowering stems! Embroidery tassels will make your succulents even more beautiful! Adding a colorful ribbon and some colorful flowers will also make your plant look amazing.

Ways to properly wrap succulents in craft paper

There are many ways to make a succulent gift. You can even make a flower succulent by making your own. A succulent is a small plant that has six pieces that are similar in size. Cut out the succulent leaves and roll them with a pencil or scissors. Once they are folded, use glue to affix the offsetting leaves to the succulent’s body. Then, plug them into a decorative pot to put them on your desk. Then, they can double as flowers.

Before shipping, make sure to pack your succulents in a corrugated cardboard box. This way, they won’t get crushed during transit. Be sure to label the box appropriately when shipping, both inside and outside. Adding the words “fragile” or “perishable” to the box will alert package handlers to handle the box with care. When shipping succulents, make sure to label the boxes on all sides.


If you want to add a little extra decor to your home, you can easily wrap your succulents in beautiful paper. The best part is that you can easily make giant paper succulents that you can use for classroom decor. Creating giant paper succulents is quick and easy, and you can even download a template to help you out. You can even use this idea to decorate the bulletin boards in your classroom. Just follow the steps below and you’ll have beautiful succulents in no time.

First, you can cover the plant with cellophane, but be careful not to squish the leaves. Make sure the cellophane is tucked into the sides of the pot and is taped to the bottom. You can also use a burlap to dress up the pot, but be sure not to leave it on for more than two or three days. The plant will experience stress if it lacks CO2.

Printed on Cavallini’s signature Italian archival paper

You’ll find a lot of inspiration in this vintage chart of succulents printed on Cavallini’s signature Italian archivally rated paper. You can use this paper in various crafts, like making wooden posters, or hang it on your wall. To make it even more special, you can also transform it into a vintage chart by purchasing a wooden poster kit. Regardless of what you choose to use it for, this print is sure to be a hit in any room.

For a unique touch, you can also use Cavallini’s signature Italian archivally-grade paper for wrapping your plants. They make beautiful, durable gifts that come with an elegant touch. They have an extensive line of archival-grade kraft paper and vintage poster wraps, and you can use them for countless crafting projects! And don’t forget about gift wrapping!

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